Five Rachel Roy Instagram Posts That Won’t Be Forgotten

rachel roy

Designer Rachel Roy is one who knows that the spotlight is not always welcome. Back in 2014 when she attended the Met Gala, she found herself in the midst of an undoubtedly heated argument with Solange Knowles, sister of Beyonce. Not long after that argument at the Gala, Beyonce and her husband, rapper Jay Z, were in the elevator with her sister Solange when Solange physically attacked Jay Z and the entire thing was caught on film in the elevator on surveillance cameras. The world was not happy; and there was more than one speculation that perhaps the famous rapper and his friend’s ex-wife had been engaging in an affair.

That was the first time that rumors about Rachel Roy and Jay Z began to surface. Known for their radio silence in almost every aspect of their life, Beyonce and Jay Z did not and never do address the rumors that circulate about them and their family. Instead, they keep to themselves and they stay private in every aspect of their lives. However, when Beyonce’s new album dropped over the weekend, she made a reference to telling a man to call “Becky with the Good Hair,” which was followed up by an Instagram Post by Rachel Roy; a selfie with the caption “Good Hair Don’t Care,” which only further caused people to believe the rumors.

Now she’s the subject of major internet drama, and there are many people threatening her and her two daughters she shares with her ex-husband, Damon Dash. Now she’s since removed the photo and she has once again reminded the world that she is not the woman who was having an alleged affair with Jay Z. Also, now her Instagram page is more famous than ever; and she’s got a boatload of unforgettable posts. Of course, she’s got nothing nearly as brazen as the one she recently deleted about being Becky with the good hair, but she has plenty of other much subtler posts that suggest that she is a bit more than meets the eye.

rachel roy

The Instagram Post that Changed the World

This is the one she deleted; the one she posted that Rachel Roy swears is not a dig at Beyonce or her marriage. What do you think? I think we can all disagree that she meant nothing harmful by this post. It’s too much of a coincidence and lacks obvious class.

Her True Personality Shines Through  We don’t know Rachel Roy enough to know whether or not she is any of these things, but she seems to think she is and the world might or might not agree with that one.

Normal Doesn’t Go Here 

Rachel Roy likes to point out that she doesn’t like to play by the rules and she doesn’t like to do things as they are expected of her, and we are all right with that

A Glance Into Her Personal Life?

Is this a way of Rachel Roy telling us that she is not going to play by the rules and she’s not going to say no to something that’s wrong simply because you cannot guarantee tomorrow? We don’t know, but we didn’t forget this post.

Is This her Opportunity? 

It might be a bit easier said than done, but is this Rachel Roy’s way of telling us that she’s taking advantage of the potential problem that she is a side chick to Jay Z to turn it into an opportunity for more fame in her life?

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