Five Roles That Brie Larson Would be Perfect For

Brie Larson

At only 26, Brie Larson is an Academy Award-winning actress with an impressive career both in front of the camera and behind it. She began her career when she was just a little girl starring on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno,  and she has portrayed more than a dozen roles since. She is most famous for her role in the critically acclaimed movie “Room” in which she won an Oscar for Best Actress in 2016. She is suddenly the biggest name in all of television thanks to her win, and she has a number of things she still wants to do in her career.

The world knows of her, but they don’t know much about her. They know she’s an award winning actress, that she’s still young and that she has always imagined being where she is right now. What they don’t know, however, is that this is just the beginning of her journey into the world of acting. She is now a winner with the most prestigious award in all of Hollywood under her belt, and that is something that will open up the doors for her to do anything she wants in Hollywood. In case she is not aware of what she wants to do, though, we thought we might throw out a few suggestions for roles that would be amazing for her in her career and in her life.

Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz”

So it’s a role that’s been done a million times. If someone wants to do it again, perhaps a more modern version of the role, we nominate Brie Larson to play Dorothy. She has the strength of character and the talent to play an iconic role in a way that commemorates the original beautifully while still making it uniquely her own. We think she’d make a wonderful Dorothy in that she seems to have the ability to play a character such as this one with ease. She’s a soft, feminine character with a strength she is not even aware she has until it is time to use it to get where she needs to get and do what she needs to do. That’s the best kind of role.

Sandy in “Grease”

No one can outdo Olivia Newton John, but we would like to see the kind of awesome that Brie Larson might bring to this role. Perhaps a more modern take on things would be appropriate for a role like this one. She could be the girl who does everything right and her boyfriend doesn’t want anything to do with her because she is so perfect and he is a tortured soul without any idea what he wants to do in the future. She can lead the school in everything she does and make herself more and more successful in life so that he feels even smaller than ever, until she reaches out to him and teaches him that if he only focuses on what he wants he, too, can live his own dreams. Basically, we just want to see her take this role and turn it around a bit.

Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”

We aren’t saying that Brie Larson is naïve, because she is not. But there is a certain naiveté that is required to play a role like this one, and we think that Brie Larson is one actress who can make it happen. She could be curious and fun, loving and kind, and she is technically a singer so she could do the role without issue. The deal is that we want to see her do this one on stage, because we want to see the emotion that it takes to play this role, the role of a woman forgoing her family and her legacy for love against the wishes of all involved, live and in person. I’m not a fan of live shows myself, but I do think that I would make the decision to see this one so I could see her in this role particularly. It does seem like it would be something pretty amazing, and I’d enjoy it a lot. Someone call an agent and tell them to get on this one, okay?

Jules from “The Interestings”

This is a book that probably has not yet received the kind of attention that it deserves to have. It’s a book about a group of friends that are all into the arts, all doing something that makes them happy. Or does it? the potential for this book to become a dramatic movie is endless, and we love that some of these artistic minds are so happy to pursue their dreams in the arts while others are too practical to make the leap into doing what they love over what they know will pay them well over time. It’s a most interesting concept, and it is one we do enjoy. Jules is a wonderful protagonist who tries so hard to become a comic but can’t quite make it. Being that Brie Larson is good with serious roles and comedic roles, we think she’d be a dream in this particular role.

Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”

She’s just someone who looks a little like Belle, don’t you think? If you saw her role in “Room,” you know that she is an excellent actress. She is able to perform well under pressure while still giving off a quiet sense of peace despite the fact that she is being held captive, a prisoner. She manages to make the most of her surroundings and she is always calm and pragmatic. She reminded me in that film of Belle, who does much of the same. She is a prisoner in a home, she has to make the most of it and she is kind and generous and giving no matter what it is she does. It’s a lovely concept to picture Brie Larson as Belle, the quiet bookworm with a brave soul and a willingness to help anyone.

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