Five Things You Didn’t Know about Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth is the biggest thing in music right now. We all love him and we can admit that our love began a bit before he began singing about Marvin Gaye, but that song really caught our attention. Now he is everywhere we go, everywhere we tune in and he is just amazing. He’s young, talented and he is inarguably a rising star. His very hip 50s look makes him every cool kid we ever saw on television, and his laid-back personality makes him incredibly likable. We don’t even know him, but we do know that we would absolutely be the best of friends anytime. We adore Charlie Puth, and there is nothing about that we cannot deny. However, we can say with certainty we don’t know all that much about him. It’s time to get to know the hottest star in music right now.

His friends knew he’d be big

When Charlie Puth was in school, he had to really work to make his music career happen. He attended the Berklee School of Music, where he was given a full scholarship. This is a school that (to date) boasts 99 graduates who have collected a grand total of 229 Grammy Awards for their musical efforts. When he was in school at Berklee in 2012, a friend of Charlie Puth’s told him that he would be a number one Billboard music chart topper before much longer. Lo and behold, he actually was.

He’s a YouTube star

People who make their own YouTube channels might think that they could get a few likes or a few people to share their work, but they never expect to get famous thanks to the website. It’s what happened to Justin Bieber, and it’s also what happened to Charlie Puth. He was discovered by Ellen DeGeneres and signed to her label. She loved his music and his voice, and she wanted to help him become a star. In 2015, he signed with Atlantic and released the hit song “Marvin Gaye,” with Meghan Trainor, and the rest is history.

People think he is someone else

Charlie Puth is not a movie star, but he’s often mistaken for one. When the “Hunger Games” became the biggest movie franchise around for a few years, he was often told he looks just like the star of the movie, Josh Hutcherson. He is mistaken for him all the time, and he has decided that the two are dopplegangers. We don’t know if Peeta knows this, but we think that he’d be all right with the fact that he looks like another very famous musical face.

He writes all his own music

The one thing we really love more than anything else about Charlie Puth is that he writes his own music. His songs are all his own and have nothing to do with anyone else or their writing. He’s been writing his own music his entire life, and he has a great aptitude for it. We love that his lyrics are so open, honest and raw. Did we mention that he also has the most amazing singing voice, and we cannot help but fall in love with it every single time we hear it on the radio? He sings what’s in his mind and in his heart, and that is something that helps fans feel closer to him. It allows us to get to know a bit about him, and it’s so very authentic.

He hung up on Ellen DeGeneres

When Charlie Puth was in school, he received a phone call from Ellen DeGeneres. He thought it was a joke being played on him by someone else, and he hung up the phone. She called back and said that she’s Ellen DeGeneres and that she wanted to speak to him. So, he hung up the phone again. She had to call back a third time, and when she did she spoke very quickly telling him that she was really Ellen DeGeneres and that she really did have an entire team of people there to speak with him and she asked him to please not hang up the phone again. It turns out, it really was Ellen.

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