George Clooney is Headed to Downton Abbey

George Clooney has a thing for the British, it seems. Not only is the handsome heartthrob about the exchange vows with a British woman and end his lifelong bachelor-lifestyle, he’s also going to pay a visit to the set of everyone’s favorite British show, Downton Abbey. The period drama is one that fans adore, and so it only makes sense that one of the world’s favorite actors would make an appearance in the hit drama.

When can the world expect to see the handsome Clooney on the show? The official word from ITV, the network that airs Downton Abbey in the United Kingdom has announced that while the actor has finished filming his scenes for the primetime drama, there is no exact date yet. The scenes featuring Clooney are set to air at some point around Christmas, however.

The fifth season of Downton Abbey returns to television on September 21 in the United Kingdom, but fans shouldn’t get too excited about seeing Clooney on the series regularly. He has no intention of becoming a regular on the show, and he’s not going to have more than a few scenes. The 53-year-old actor is only slated to appear in one episode, and he’s going to play a wedding guest. It might be a good role for the groom-to-be to play as he gears up for his upcoming wedding to his fiancé, a British lawyer.

While he was on set filming a movie by the name of The Monuments Men, he made a new friend. It’s been reported that Clooney and Hugh Bonneville, who is the actor that plays Robert Crawley in Downton Abbey, apparently hit it off and struck up a nice friendship in the movie. That led to Clooney’s role as a guest star in an episode of Bonneville’s hit show.

(Photo by Kristoffer Tripplaar-Pool/Getty Images)

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