Getting To Know the Cast of Below Deck

below deck

It seems like there is a lot more to chartering a gorgeous yacht to travel the ocean than meets the eye. It’s not all about champagne and bikinis, tan lines and good times. Well, it is, but you have to worry about the crew, too. You need someone to do the tedious work, such as captaining the boat and actually pouring that champagne for you, and that’s where your crew comes into play. You might not notice them too much, but the reality television lovers of the world certainly do. That’s because Bravo wants us to know the cast of Below Deck. The network’s hit show follows the crew of luxury yachts around the world’s most beautiful tropical locations, and we get to see what happens behind the scenes.

I’ll just say that if I had a luxury yacht of my own, I’d think twice about hiring a crew. They’re a bit too dramatic, too crazy and too catty for my taste; but I’m not a luxury yacht owner, so what do I know? Here’s a sneak peek of the new cast, which will show up on your television screens this week. Call this a before we were friends type deal.

Captain Lee Rosbach

A bit older and more mature, he’s been around the block a few times. The Michigan native has been yachting for more than 20 years now, and he’s had an interesting life. After living in the islands of Turks and Caicos for some time, he decided to learn to pilot a yacht and has been doing it ever since. He’s driven some of the most amazing yachts in the world, and he’s good at what he does. He also doesn’t like to have a crew that doesn’t follow his command.

Ben Robinson

Someone has to cook some decadent meals that we can all pick at while we’re aboard our luxury yachts. He’s worked in the kitchen of master chefs and a three star Michelin-rated restaurant. He’s got 10 years of head chef experience aboard a yacht, and he’s good at what he does. He’s also a life coach and a health coach, but he really does love to make sure his menus are all filled with good health, good taste and good cooking. He’s a bit cranky, but all creative types are to be honest.

Emily Warburton-Adams

She’s lovely, but she’s young. She’s only got two years behind her in the hospitality industry aboard yachts. At 21, she’s very competitive and wants to be the best at the best; and she’s going to attend Cambridge in a few years. She wants to pursue more life experience first, however, so she’s deferred her college education for a bit. She’s into her fitness, but she’s also sure she can make her guests have a wonderful time aboard her boats, so she focuses on that. But don’t worry; we will see some of her private life, too.

Kate Chastain

With more than 8 years behind her in the yachting industry, she knows that creativity goes a long way. She often has no way to get what her guests need in the middle of the ocean, so she has to make do with what she has; and she’s good at it. She’s good at her job, she loves it, and she often has to do things she doesn’t want to do. She can be a little cranky behind the scenes, but she’s sometimes entitled to be just that way when she’s having a rough day.

Kelley Johnson

After a failed relationship and ending his time in the Marines, this water lover has spent a lot of time working in the water. He loves it, and he makes it his goal to ensure his guests always have the best time with him. He is a natural leader, and he is happy to spend time in the water working with guests and the rest of the crew as they get to know one another and spend more time in the water than they do on land.

Lauren Burchell

She’s English, and she’s good at what she does. She’s been everything in the water from a deckhand to a stew to a watersports instructor. She’s worked for Sir Richard Branson, and she has more than a decade of work behind her. She’s good at what she does, and she has worked with some of the most famous people in the world on her boats.

Nico Scholly

He’s been in real estate much of his adult life, but he was over it. When a friend told him he’d do so well in the yachting industry, he decided to see what he could do with that as a potential career, and now he’s here. he’s got two years with a privately owned yacht with a billionaire owner under his belt, and now he’s working with celebrities and billionaires across the world. He’s even shot a music video at work.

Sierra Storm

She’s so new to the game. She’s only been on board a yacht for the past three months after deciding the leave behind her entire life to focus on that. she loves to travel, and she’s done it a lot in a long time. She was always very happy to take part in amazing vacations, and she figured she might as well find a way to incorporate that into her everyday life; now she has a job on a yacht that makes her feel quite good about life.

Trevor Walker

He’s currently the senior deckhand on board this luxe yacht, and he loves it. He’s been all over the world always working with the water. He was once a fisherman who was working in the professional world of sport fishing. He was also a semi-professionals surfer for a while. It seems that he was unable to make his careers work for him, though, so he decided to pursue luxury yachts as a way of life.

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