Getting to Know the Cast of Pretty Little Liars

It’s a set of books that turned into a total phenomenon, and people love it. Pretty Little Liars is a television show that took the world by storm when everyone decided that they wanted to take part in watching it any chance they could. It’s everything that people want in a show, and it’s been hugely popular for six seasons now. The 7th season is set to be a fantastic one, but it turns out that many of the cast members might not be back following this season, and it’s got the world a little bit worried. Surely the show cannot get rid of the six biggest and most important characters, can they?

Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale

She’s the woman behind Aria Montgomery, and she’s a former reality star turned television star. She is a singer, she is a designer, and she has a big career in front of her. There is a chance that she might not come back for an eighth season because she does have so many other business ventures to care for outside of her acting career, but the show cannot possibly survive without her, can it?

Ashley Benson

Ashely Benson

Everyone loves her as Hanna, but could she be willing to leave the show? Ashley Benson is actually a very famous actress and model, and we would not be surprised if she wanted to stop what she’s doing now to pursue some other avenues in her career. The show won’t work without her, but we suppose she might not want to come back if there are movies and modeling contracts coming her way.

Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell

Perhaps one of the most beloved characters on the show – you know what we mean – Shay Mitchell gets to portray Emily. She’s amazing at what she does, but she’s also got more books to write, she has modeling to do and she’s got some business ventures of her own to consider in the future. Might she be willing to say goodbye to Emily so that she can focus on her career outside of PLL?


Troian Bellisario

Spencer is her character, and she plays the role to perfection. With famous producer parents, she’s also taken on the role of producing, and she seems to really enjoy it. She also writes, and there is some speculation that she might want to move from in front of the camera to behind it. She has everything necessary to write and produce her own shows, and we don’t think that there is anything stopping her.


Sasha Pieterse

She was only 13 when she was cast as Alison, and now she is 20. She experienced the most formative years of her life on this television series and it might be time for her to move on. She’s also an experienced singer and songwriter, and we have a feeling that she’s ready for bigger and more amazing things a far as her career is concerned, so she might be willing to say goodbye to her character.

Ian Harding

Ian Harding

He’s handsome, he’s German; he’s Ezra. He’s got a serious education behind him, having graduated from both Georgetown Preparatory School and Carnegie Mellon University. He’s got a Teen Choice Award and a face that really makes the world love him. What that means to us is that he’s probably well on his way to roles that are a bit more challenging, and he has a lot of future to look forward to. Could it be him that’s leaving?

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