Getting to Know the Cast of Real Housewives of Dallas

real housewives of dallas

The Real Housewives of Dallas are some of the newest ladies in the industry, and their first season just came to a close. They did a pretty good job of making the world of being a Dallas socialite look fairly entertaining, and we don’t hate them. They don’t have a beach nearby, they’re not big into the city social scene and they actually do a pretty good job of keeping to themselves. In fact, they seem to be a group of women who participate most of their time in the charity scene, which is how they know one another. That doesn’t make them perfect, of course, and it always means that some of them will not get along. That’s why we’re going to give you a quick rundown on these ladies so you can get to know them a bit better.

leeann locken

LeeAnn Locken

She seems to be the woman to dislike, but she’s also the most charitable of them all. Her family was part of the carnival, which made her a carnie kid. She spends her time these days running charity events for all the major charities in Dallas, and she takes them very seriously. She is an actress who has had a few minor parts in movies and shows, and she is living with her police officer boyfriend in Dallas. She has a temper, and so far she’s made enemies out of most women on the show.

tiffany bolton

Tiffany Bolton

She’s LeeAnn Locken’s best friend, and she’s someone who modeled for a long time. She lived in LA and recently moved back to Dallas with her singing husband, and they seem to find the adjustment a bit difficult for his musical career. He looks like Keith Urban, and she looks like she does a pretty decent job with her style vlog. She seems nice enough, but she really does do whatever LeeAnn tells her to do.

brandi redmond

Brandi Redmond

She’s the mother of two little girls who seems to have come out of nothing in terms of her childhood and family to make something of herself. She spent several years working as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, and she’s helping other little girls learn to cheer and dance so they can pursue their own dreams. Her husband is always gone, he leaves her alone too much, and they don’t seem to have a great relationship. She likes to drink wine all hours of the day, and she’s known for being a bit inappropriate at times.

stephanie hollman

Stephanie Hollman

She’s married to the Locker King of Dallas, and they seem to have a good thing going. She has two little boys, her best friend is Brandi, and she’s funny. She’s very quick and she’s also someone who seems to enjoy being inappropriate and appropriate at the correct times, and she’s pretty honest. She’s our favorite housewife this season with her fast smile and her great jokes.

cary deuber

Cary Deuber

She’s a nurse and she met her husband at work. Rumor has it that she stole him from his previous wife and worked hard to make him her own because he’s a doctor and she wanted him. He is more into fashion and money than she is. She seems to want to live a laid back lifestyle, but he’s over-the-top. They have a small daughter together, and she’s not someone who is at all afraid to back down from confrontation. We like her because she seems so real.

Photos by Bravo

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