Did Jay-Z Announce Beyonce is Pregnant?

It’s not anything that anyone made official at the moment, but fans seem to think that Beyonce is pregnant with baby number two. It wouldn’t be the first time that the couple used their performances to announce that they were expecting a baby, as the superstar announced to the world that she was expecting during a performance at an award show several years ago. However, this time it was a bit different.

People love to listen to the lyrics of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s songs, and they love to listen for changes and see what’s up in the couple’s lives. Earlier this year when Beyonce changed some words to a song during one of her performances with her husband, people began to see it as a sign that the rapper was cheating on his wife, which they believed explained the elevator incident following the Met Gala with Beyonce’s sister earlier this summer.

However, this time the news allegedly being announced by lyric changes is good news for the couple. A video that’s been all over the internet all weekend shows that when the rapper was rapping the lyrics to “Beach is Better,” during a concert with his wife on Friday night, he changed the lyrics. What originally is supposed to be, “I replace it with another one,” was sung by the rapper differently. He said, “pregnant with another one,” and the crowd went wild.

No one from either Beyonce or Jay-Z’s camp has come forward to respond to the question as to whether or not the singer is pregnant with baby number two, but the world is now on baby alert, waiting to find out if it’s true. If they are, indeed, expecting their second child, the little boy or girl will join the couple’s only child, Blue Ivy, who is now 2-and-a-half.

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

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