Keiynan Lonsdale: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Keiynan Lonsdale was born in 1991 and is an Australian born actor, singer, and song writer. He has been an up-and-coming actor and has taken both television roles and parts in feature films. Lonsdale’s skills go beyond acting, he is also a skilled dancer, and many of the acting parts he has taken, have utilized his ability to dance. Still trying to get started in his career, he has landed some good supporting roles on some hit feature movies, along with getting raves for his singles release. If you follow any of the series Lonsdale has been in then you may know some things about this newbie actor, but keep reading to find out ten things you didn’t know about Keiynan Lonsdale.

1. Was a DJ on one of the most popular music shows

Lonsdale got a break when he got the small screen role of VJ with Australia’s MTV, which he held for two and a half years. Lonsdale always talks fondly of his time with MTV and says that it was one of the best experiences of his life. He got to interview a lot of very big names in the music industry, but he wanted more. In order to pursue his love and music and develop his own music career, Lonsdale decided to take a leap and move to Los Angeles, CA. His aim was to get a bit closer to NY, which he said would be a lot easier to fly there from CA than Australia. Once out in CA, he began to wind his time with MTV down, until it faded out altogether.

2. First acting job

Lonsdale got his first acting job and made his debut into a bit bigger TV role when he landed a small part in the film, Razzle Dazzle, in 2007. After Razzle Dazzle, the following year, Lonsdale was back in Australia acting on the Australian TV series, All Saints. Following the show, Lonsdale took a recurring role as a member of the Australian teen drama series, Dance Academy during the show’s 2012 second season. His character, Oliver Lloyd, then became a regular on the third and final season. He also played Kid Flash/Wally West on the CW’s series The Flash during that same year.

3. Big movie, big stars

2015 was a big year for Lonsdale. He got the role of Wally West in The Divergent Series: Insurgent. Lonsdale talked about his being able to act with some big names in the acting industry. He said that it was a bit unnerving working with such big names, at first, such as Naomi Watts, Kate Winslet, Shailene Woodley, and Ansel Elgrot. In an interview, he said that it as ‘a bit daunting at first,’ but with everyone coming up to him to introduce themselves, he was put at ease and they helped him to feel comfortable.

4. Comes from a very large family

Losndale comes from a large family. He doesn’t just have a couple siblings, but he comes from a brood of six siblings on his mother’s side, with Lonsdale being the youngest of the six. On his father’s side, Lonsdale is one of several siblings and has said that he is one of 11, total. Although that is a lot of kids, he did not meet his siblings on his father’s side until he was ten years old. Up until then, he was raised by his mother, who was a single mother while he was growing up.

5. He’s not just an actor, but he sings too

Lonsdale didn’t just give his attention to acting, he dove into music, too, and released his first single, One and Only to ITunes in May of 2014. He has been interviewed saying that he planned to get away from acting and the cinema in order to pursue his singing career full force. According to his big following on Instagram and other social media sites, his fans were thrilled to hear this since they are dying to hear more from him. He reportedly received 300,000 views for the single.

6. Still single

It has been reported that Lonsdale is still single. There have been no reports of him dating or being seen on the streets with anyone. One thing about Lonsdale, is he a pretty private guy. During interviews with him, he does not divulge personal information to the tabloids, so even if he did have a special someone he was seeing, the world may never know.

7. Has not gotten any awards – yet

To-date, Lonsdale has not achieved any awards for his acting, singing, or dancing. Even though he does not hold any award yet, he is still young and still blossoming in his talents, and in his career. With the path that he has already been taken, it probably won’t be long until he starts seeing some nominations flood in.

8. Favorite food

Do you ever wonder what your favorite star’s favorite food is? Wonder what they eat when they’re craving something or sitting at home on their couch watching TV? For Lonsdale, that favorite food he probably dives into while watching his favorite shows at home, is Cocoa Puffs. He is a chocolate fan and one way he soothes that chocolate craving is with Cocoa Puffs.

9. Favorite Icon

Most singers, actors, and actresses have a favorite star that they admired, wanted to be, or tried to be. For Lonsdale it was Michael Jackson. Lonsdale has been interviewed, saying that Michael Jackson has always been his biggest inspiration, and with the similarities in wanting to sing and dance, that makes sense.

10. He may live in the US, but it’s not home

Sometimes you just have to move where the work and opportunities are, and that is exactly what Lonsdale did. When he left Australia, he claimed to be moving to the US for opportunities, but that his home is, and will always be in Australia. He knew that in order to make the most of his talent, he had to go where the business is and that is the US.



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