Lady Gaga Hospitalized After Denver Concert

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Little monsters everywhere were a bit panicked when their Mother Monster posted a photo of herself in a hospital room in Denver, Colorado this week. Lady Gaga posted a photo of herself complete with an oxygen mask sitting in Denver hospital room. Fortunately for fans, their favorite pop singer was not seriously ill and is likely already back on her feet.

“Altitude sickness is no joke!” the pop star captioned the photo she posted to Twitter of herself with an oxygen mask. The star was taken to the hospital for treatment of altitude sickness, which is something that actually exists, and it’s actually serious, following her Denver concert Wednesday evening. The singer was in the middle of her performance as usual when she began not felling well. She did finish out the show before being whisked away to the hospital for treatment.

Denver is often referred to as the mile-high city, because it sits a solid mile about sea level. Even those that reside in the city sometimes have issues with altitude sickness, despite becoming used to the thinner air. Denver’s official website has an entire section for visitors and residents discussing altitude sickness, what it is, how to prevent it and when to seek treatment. One of the preventative measures is to monitor your physical activity.

Of course, anyone who knows anything about Lady Gaga knows that her entire concert is physical. The star sings, dances and performs almost every second of the show, making it one of the most physical shows around. It’s no surprise she didn’t make it throughout with a bit of altitude sickness.

Now that fans have calmed down with the reassurance that Mother Monster is, indeed, just fine, she’s moving on from the mile-high city and heading to Seattle. She will perform tonight as scheduled.

(Photo by Christian Augustin/Getty Images)

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