10 Things You Didn’t Know about Marc Almond

Marc Almond

England has produced some of the most iconic, innovative, and popular rock stars in history. One musician who deserves this recognition, but is often lost in the sea of British superstars, is Marc Almond. While best known for his work with Soft Cell, he has also found success with solo projects and collaborations.

Almond has had a highly successful career in terms of sales, longevity, and innovation. He was one of the artists who led the way for electronic pop and its offshoots, and has recorded music for over 3 decades. He continues recording today, and has sold over 30 million records to date.

In addition to his unique music, Almond is an interesting person in his private life. Despite his fame and success as a singer, there is a great deal that people are unaware of with regards to this iconic British performer. There is far more depth to his being than the life of partying and fun that one would associate with a wildly popular musician. Here are ten of the most interesting facts about Marc Almond.

10. His most successful hit was recorded in a day and a half

One would imagine that a massive hit like “Tainted Love,” which sold well over a million copies and topped the UK charts, would have required long hours are arduous work to produce. However, this song was actually recorded in only a day and a half. Even more amazing is the fact that the single used Almond’s very first take.

While Almond is certainly a creative and hard-working artist, his talent clearly allows him to produce top quality music very quickly.

9. He has had an extremely diverse career

Almond may be best known for his first group Soft Cell, which produced several smash hits, but his career is far more nomadic. Never staying with one group or record label for too long, Marc would perform with acts like Marc and the Mambas, Bronski Beat, Sex Gang Children, Current 93, and others. As well, he would release a great deal of solo music.

Almond is also known for his highly successful collaborations. One of the most notable was the single “Something’s Gotten Hold of My Heart,” with its original singer Gene Pitney. This single was able to top the UK charts for 4 weeks in 1989.

8. He held a Guinness World Record

At one time, not only was Almond producing successful music, he was breaking records. “Tainted Love,” his cover of Gloria Jones’ song, is one of the best-selling singles of all time in the UK, and topped the charts in several different countries. Most notably, however, its 43 weeks spend in the top 40 of the US Billboard Top 100 set a world record at the time.

7. Marc Almond Net worth

With millions of copies sold worldwide, record-breaking singles, and a long career dating back to 1980, it is no surprise that Almond is financially secure. In fact, it is estimated that his current net worth tops $20 million.

Almond owes this great success to his unique voice and performing talents. Some artists who push boundaries simply set up the success for future artists, but Almond was able to produce records that both established electronic music as a genre and give him worldwide popularity.

6. He has dabbled in other genres

Although pop music has constituted the bulk of Almond’s career, he has had some experience in other areas. For example, in 2011 he released a collection of poetry set to music titled “Feasting with Panthers.”

In addition, he has participated in several theater productions, including portraying the Roman philosopher Seneca in an experimental rock play.

5. He is more than just a singer

Although his massive popularity and success would lead most people to identify Almond as a singer, his skills are far more diverse. He is dedicated to songs in a more holistic way, acting as a songwriter as well. His work in advancing electronic music influenced many generations of artists.

However, perhaps his single greatest talent is a natural talent for performing. In fact, he was accepted at Leeds Polytechnic based on his performance ability. This is the school where he would meet his Soft Cell partner David Ball.

4. He is openly gay

Despite prejudices against homosexuals that hindered the creativity and confidence of many individuals, Almond was able to achieve remarkable success while being open about his sexuality. In fact, he has stated that he formed Marc and the Mambas in order to bring his sexuality into the limelight.

Although Almond has stated that he dislikes the label “gay artist,” as he feels it implies that his music ought only be enjoyed by the gay community, he is certainly a shining example of how hard work and talent can overcome prejudice. He has had the same partner for over 20 years.

3. He has attempted to commit suicide

One might assume that a person with the wealth and popularity of Marc Almond would have had a happy and easy life. However, that is simply not the case with this artist. He has admitted to attempting to end his own life several times throughout his teen and young adult years. In fact, he was even sectioned for a time while he was 17.

2. His father was not kind to him

His mental health issues were compounded by the fact that his father was emotionally abusive to him as a child. An alcoholic, Marc’s father would even come to his classes and ask the teacher if Marc was gay in order to humiliate him. Some of his earliest musical influences were more expressive and artistic performers like David Bowie.

Almond recently released a track called “Trials of Eyeliner,” which he has stated is about his experiences with his father. Although having a parent who is judgmental and cruel is something no child should experience, today Almond stands as an example of someone who persevered and found great success.

1. He is a member of the Church of Satan

Not only are Almond’s musical tastes varied and unorthodox, so too are his beliefs. More specifically, Almond is a LaVeyan Satanist, and was initiated by Boyd Rice. Rice is famous for his work with the band Noise.

Known for beliefs supporting indulgence and individualism, perhaps LaVeyan Satanism is a religious movement well-suited to the life of a successful pop star.


Despite being known almost exclusively in the US for his smash hit “Tainted Love,” Marc Almond is an artist that has contributed far more to music than most people realize. He is one of the preeminent figures in electronic pop, leading the way with many successful solo projects, collaborations, and covers in his own unique style.

As well, his personal life is just as interesting as his musical career. An openly gay man, Almond has forged his path despite great resistance, even from his own father. He is an artist who can be admired not only for the music he produces, but also for his longevity, creativity, courage, and innovation.

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