Mehgan James: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Reality TV star, Meghan James has been in the tabloids lately, most recently due to her new beau who happens to be a Kardashian. She was born in February of 1990, in Houston, Texas, where she grew up with six siblings. She attended the University of Houston and worked on developing a modeling career. Her most acknowledged work is her appearances on the reality TV series, The Bad Girls Club, and if you watch the show, then you are probably familiar with this young lady. Although there has been a lot learned about her on the show, there is more to learn and here are 10 things you didn’t know about Meghan James.

1. Her career start

James got the boost to her career through her appearance on 50 Cent’s reality competition, called The Money and the Power. The competition entailed hip-hop wannabes to compete in challenges, hoping to win an investment from the “In Da Club” rapper so that they could start their own business and career. James came in fourth place on the show, which wasn’t bad because it did fuel her career and lead her to where she is today. The show took place four years before her appearance on the reality show, Bad Girls Club.

2. Her “Bad Girls” years

James was a cast member in Oxygen’s reality show, Bad Girl’s Club on season 9 and Bad Girls All-Star Battle 1 and 2. She was kicked off season 9 due to continuous altercations with her cast members. The only cast members she did not have an altercation with were, Christina, Andrea and Erika. She later had a social media war with TV personality Keke Palmer who made comments on Twitter, saying that James seemed to be weak. James’s reply quickly led to days of bitter words between them and eventually faded out.

3. Had a nickname

Since James is a Texas native, she developed a nickname on the show, Bad Girl’s Club, “The Texas Temptation,” by her fans due to her voluptuous figure and sexy, sultry looks. She was thought of as one of the most sexy personalities on the show and was very entertaining for the audience, especially because she kept things heated with her hot, fiery temper that matched her looks.

4. Believes in hard work

James has said that she believes in working hard now to get to where she wants, which is to ultimately get a nine-to-five job that is less demanding. She keeps appearing in shows and works hard to be successful now, so that down the road, she can lessen her workload, and focus more on something she wants to do, like start a lingerie line.

5. Was involved with an NBA star

James was in a relationship with NBA start, Kedrick Brown who played for the Boston Celtics, the Philadelphia 76ers and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Brown got James a position on Oxygen’s, Basketball Wives LA, season 4, but the couple ultimately broke up before the VH1 series started their filming in 2015.

6. Dating a Kardashian

James moved on from her NBA player boyfriend to an even bigger name, Rob Kardashian. Since Rob Kardashian has ended his relationship with past girlfriend, Blac Chyna, he has hooked up with James and the two have been in a relationship for a while. There has been notice of James’ change to her look since she started dating the Kardashian and it has also been rumored that she has grown-up quite a bit since the two have paired. I guess it remains to be seen as to whether or not he has helped her to calm her temper.

7. Known for wearing see-through clothing

James likes to show off her curves by wearing see-through clothing and other skimpy outfits. She knows she’s beautiful and she makes sure everyone gets to see all the work she’s had done on her body to get her to look so good. She is notorious for posting pictures on her social media accounts that show her plastic surgeries and Botox treatments.

8. Loves the Kardashian’s sock line

Not only does James seem to be in love with one of the Kardashians, but it is a known fact that she loves their sock brand. She loves socks in general, but she also loves the Kardashians, and now she has two-in-one.

9. How she feels about being a reality TV star

James says that being a reality TV star isn’t as easy as it may seem. Once you’ve been on a TV series like the ones she has been on, everyone is always looking at you. She says eyes are always on her and scrutinizing her, watching her and judging her. She claims that there is no privacy anymore after you’ve exposed yourself on national TV to millions of viewers.

10. Acts as spokesperson

Today, James is working on her different ventures as she emerged from reality TV star into an entrepreneur. One of her biggest achievements since her days on camera, was gaining the role as spokesperson for the rising, lifestyle brands. James always received high votes from her fans and she is still keeping her name in the public eye, today.


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