Mykelti Brown: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Mykelti Brown

Mykelti Brown has become popular and well known through her appearance on the TLC reality show series Sister Wives. Her parents Kody and Christine Brown are co-stars on the popular program Kody. Mykelti has grown up in less than usual circumstances as her father has sired fifteen kids with a total of four different wives. In addition to currently being married to Christine, he is also married to Janelle Brown. We are privy to a great deal of the things that go on in the private life of Mykelti compliments of the television series, but there is much more that she has not disclosed publicly. It makes us wonder who is the real Mykelti Brown? We’re going to to a closer look at the young woman of twenty years of age to get to know here just a little better. Here are ten things that you probably didn’t know about Mykelti Brown.

1. Mykelti Brown is in college

With all of the hype about the show and her recent nuptuals, the focus has been on other areas of her life. Few fans realize that Mykelti is actually a junior at UNLV. In addition to this it looks like she is also joining a sorority. She has pledged in the Tri Sigma order at the university. It’s great that she’s attending to the furthering of her education and not depending solely upon the success of the reality series or upon her new husband for her future financial security. While the show isn’t focused upon this aspect of her life, it’s good to know that she’s taking care of business in her private life.

2. Fans have voiced disappointment with her new husband

On Mykelti’s Twitter account, fans unloaded about her then fiancee’s suggestion that Kody Brown should take out a loan to pay for their wedding. There were several heated comments about the issue. Fans shared their feelings that he has a sense of entitlement and was a bit on the disrespectful side. This is a part of being a public figure and airing certain segments of your life on reality TV. People are privy to things that can become hot issues and bring a bit of negative press. Some even brought Mykelti into it suggesting that she is insecure. These are the ups and downs associated with being a celebrity.

3. She is opting for a monogamous lifestyle

Mykelti has decided to marry and maintain a monogamous life with her new husband. She is not following in the same traditions observed by her father, Kody Brown. Her dad has four wives. Although she has not made any mention of being displeased about the arrangement, it appears that the lifestyle is not one that she is choosing for herself.

4. She didn’t want a diamond ring from Tony

Mykelti isn’t as fond of diamonds as she is a green amethyst. In fact, this is the stone that was chosen for her engagement ring. The beauty of a gem is placed in a yellow gold setting which shows off the brilliant color with great contrast. Tony knew that she would prefer this over a diamond and presented her with the amazing stone when he proposed.

5. Mykelti is not allowed to join Tony’s church

Although Tony is a member of the Mormon church, his wife Mykelti is not allowed to join with him. Even though her parents have been legally married for the last twenty six years, it is the polygamous lifestyle that is the problem with church officials. Furthermore, the couple was not allowed to marry in the temple because Mykelti has not been baptized.

6. Mykelti Brown remained chaste until wedding

Many fans are speculating as to whether the reason for the rush on the nuptuals was because the couple agreed to remain chaste throughout their engagement. One episode showed that Kody, Mykelti’s dad actually brought this up and recommended that the couple not let their sexual desires drive them into an early wedding. The two tried to set an August wedding date but the family convinced them to wait until December. The family won and the couple waited.

7. Mykelti is waiting for fans to change their opinion of Tony

The feedback on Twitter has not been kind towards Tony. They have made numerous comments about his immaturity and disrespectfulness. Some of the remarks have been on the border of vulgar using obscene language. As the series continues to roll forward, time will tell if they change their outlook on the newlywed.

8. There are rumors about the uncertain future of the show

Rumors about the Sister Wives comeback are also riddled with theories that there may be trouble in the ranks. There are discussions about fights within the group as well as rumors of all of the wives planning to divorce Kody Brown. We have no confirmations one way or the other, but generally speaking, where there is smoke there is fire.

9. There may be a spinoff of the series

This could end up being very good news for Mykelti and her new husband Tony. If the latest rumors are true, there is talk about the possibility. This could open the doors for the newly wed sisters of the family and younger members to take more prominent roles on a new series.

The most talked about comeback of the hit reality show “Sister Wives” has been hounded by countless rumors, most of which are about the series’ spinoff or cancellation. With divorce theories, new boyfriends and wives speculations, and feud reports already spinning, the latest buzz came with new theories that were built up from the recent “Sister Wives” Facebook posts. Fans are now reckoning that these posts confirm theories that a new season will come anytime soon.

10. Mykelti Brown Net worth

The Brown family collectively earns fifty thousand dollars per episode for the Sister Wives series. Kody Brown the father has an estimated net worth of around $800,000. It is unclear what the net worth of Mykelti Brown actually is. She is twenty years old and recently married. In light of the fact that she and her husband were trying to talk Kody into taking a loan to pay for the wedding, it is assumed that the couple does not have a very high amount built up. There is no information available on Mykelti’s financial holdings at this time.

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