New Kids on the Block Reality Show Finally has a Date

New Kids On The Block

Donnie Wahlberg is working his way toward the title of King of Reality television. Not only is he part of his family’s hit reality show, “Wahlburgers,” he’s also just signed a deal to star in his own reality show with his new wife, Jenny McCarthy, called “Donnie Loves Jenny.” Today, news broke that  the star of yet another reality show finally has a premier date for his third reality series. “Rock This Boat,” is the first reality show that New Kids on the Block get to do together (remember when they were the biggest boy band in the world and no one had ever heard of reality television?).

Get ready fans, the new show is set to air on Wednesday, January 14, 2015. It’s been six months since the announcement was made that the guys would be filmed for a show, and fans have been waiting impatiently to find out when they can see this happen. The reality show is based on the band’s annual cruise for their fans. Every year, the band gets together to take over a cruise ship filled with New Kids on the Block fans that they can take with them to different tropical islands. And this year, they allowed their cruise to be filmed so that it could be turned into reality television.

“Every year, my bandmates and I go on a cruise with 3000 of our wildest and most adoring fans. For the first time ever, we’re gonna take you behind the scenes to see what it’s like. Three thousand fans, 20 cameras – that equals a whole lot of potential chaos,” is what Donnie Wahlberg had to say about the show, which is premiering just shy of two months from now. With the holidays already here, it seems that fans will be able to watch their favorite band from way back when before they know it.

 Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

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