Prince Harry Plays Wheelchair Australian Football With Army Brigade

The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge And Prince Harry Attend The Tour De France Grand Depart

When most people think of the royal family, fun certainly isn’t the first word that comes to mind.  There’s something inherently stiff about a family whose been in power for centuries and has more historical artifacts in their home than some museums.  If you try to remember the last time you heard about any member of the royal family having a good time, you’ll probably be racking your brain forever. However, Prince Harry, the last royal bachelor, has officially proven that princes like to have fun too.  While serving his military duty on attachment with the Australian army, Harry and his fellow soldiers found a little downtime to enjoy some fun.  Harry joined in for a game of wheelchair Australian football which included members of the Australian army as well as injured vets.  The game, which includes a combination of rules from rugby, American football, and soccer, turned out to be a pretty competitive match on both sides.  However, there’s no word on which team rolled away victorious.

Despite taking a break for a good time, Prince Harry’s time in Australia was also full of work. Although some may find it odd that a modern-day prince would put himself in harm’s way by joining the armed forced, Harry appears to be like any other soldier. Since joining the military in 2005, Harry has taken his career very seriously and risen through the ranks and now holds a position as Captain. While in Australia, Harry visited with some of the local aboriginal people and “and engaged with elders and children of the indigenous community.” Harry also spent a lot of time in intense military training which included fight simulation training. According to sources, Harry is scheduled to remain in Australia until his training is complete.

 (Photo by Anna Gowthorpe – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

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