Kendall Jenner’s Most Popular Instagram Pics

Kendall Jenner

Although she’s not the youngest sister of the bunch—that distinction goes to the baby of the family, Kylie—Kendall Jenner is still just 18 years old and in the shadow of her more famous, older siblings Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian. Still, that hasn’t stopped her from grabbing headlines like the more famous trio often do. In fact, seeing how Kendall has been in the spotlight since she was younger thanks to the family’s TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, she is probably even more famous now than any of those other girls were, with people even counting down the days until she had turned 18 years old last November. The aspiring model isn’t shy in showing off, often posting either scandalous or, straight-up, revealing photos of herself all over her Instagram account. And while she’s still just a newbie in the celebrity game when it comes to attention grabbing, with the bloodlines that she shares, she’s probably light years ahead of most kids her age. With all the pics she posts, though, which ones are the best of the bunch? I had the daunting task of filtering through her feed and digging online to see which ones have gotten the most response—for better or worse—and am giving you those today. After being voted the “Best Celebrity Instagrammer” by, it’s clear that the girl knows what the heck she’s doing when turning the lens onto herself. So if you’re looking for a new celeb to follow on Instagram, Kendall Jenner might just be it after looking at these.

Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Her Teen Vogue Cover


So what if it’s a little bit too self promotional for some, when Kendall Jenner found herself on the cover of the fashion magazine Teen Vogue a couple of months ago, she decided to show her excitement by taking a quick selfie to do a bit of a humble brag. Showing off great style by wearing a fashionable hat and giving off some of her personality with a goofy face, Kendall seemed to be just joking on herself by posting the pic—and fans were responsive by liking and commenting on it after she did.

Photo: Instagram/Kendall Jenner

Her Birthday Love For Sister Khloe


Everyone loves a Throwback Thursday—especially when it comes from a celebrity. That’s why this pic was so well received by Kendall’s fans on Instagram, because it shows that, even though you thought that you were the only one whose parents dressed them up in wild clothes and had that weird, awkward stage in your middle school years, celebs had to endure and overcome it, too. Showing that she wasn’t afraid to laugh—and embarrass—herself and Khloe, this pic made a few people giggle, I’m sure.

Photo: Instagram/Kendall Jenner

Guns n’ Roses Shirt


Want to know what it’s like to be one of the most beautiful, young models on the planet right now? Just take a look at this picture of Kendall Jenner wearing an old school Guns n’ Roses sweatshirt that was cut and placed perfectly off her shoulder. Sure, Kendall was done up with some makeup and isn’t doing much but showing off those steely eyes of hers, but it’s one that proves why she’s so revered by her fans and sought by magazines and photographers—because she knows how to look her best in front of a camera.

Photo: Instagram/Kendall Jenner

A Girl and Her Bunny


There are very few things that do better than photos of animals on social media, with people posting cute pics of their dogs, cats and other pets for people to fall in love with. So Kendall took a page out of that book by posting this photo of her and a bunny, showing that she isn’t afraid to get down with her wild side—OK, maybe that’s not exactly what she was going for, but the picture did show that she isn’t afraid to share the frame with something that’s just as naturally cute as she is.

Photo: Instagram/Kendall Jenner

Photo: Instagram/Kendall Jenner

Just a Casual Day


I don’t know about most of you, but even when going for just a casual look on a random day, I know few people who look as good as Kendall Jenner does in this photo. Taking a selfie while just wearing a simple New York Yankees hat, the model gives her sultry look into the camera for her fans to enjoy. It’s a reminder that, just in case you think you see someone who resembles Kendall on the street, if you think it’s not her because she’s dressed down, you might be wrong—because she’s going to do it and look just as good when she does.

Photo: Instagram/Kendall Jenner

A Girl and Her Red Lipstick


Here’s a little bit of a hint for all the ladies out there—wear red lipstick as much as possible. I don’t know what its is about the look, but us guys melt over it. Sure, there are some who wear it and remind us of our crazy aunt who used to leave marks on our cheeks while growing up, but Kendall clearly isn’t one of those people. Showing that she can pull off the look just fine, she took this way-too-close selfie for her fans to see just how remarkable she looks while smearing a shade of red on her lips.

Photo: Instagram/Kendall Jenner

All Class


If none of these other photos convinced you that Kendall Jenner inherited some incredible genes, this picture probably does the trick. Wearing a dress that hugs hers frame and shows off her physique, the model proves that, no matter if she’s dressed down or glammed up, she’s a stunner. This was the dress she wore back in May at this year’s Met Ball, where she, undoubtedly, showed up looking like one of the best dressed in the room. How many ladies want this look? I’d imagine a lot based off the response it received on her Instagram feed.

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