The Dumbest Things Albie Manzo Has Done on Manzo’d With Children

Albie Manzo

Albie Manzo has got to be one of the kindest and most adorable people in reality television. He is funny, a bit immature and someone who loves his family very much, and there is very little that we can say about that in a way that’s anything but kind. After all, who doesn’t love a man who loves his family and would do anything for them? With his sense of humor, his relationship with his siblings and his parents and his different ventures played out on national television on his family’s hit reality show Manzo’d with Children, Albie Manzo is someone you just have to adore. However, that does not change the fact that sometimes he does some things that are just plain stupid. But, he’s a young man and young men are, as my husband likes to say, not always good at thinking first.

We love Albie Manzo. We think he is funny and sweet, and he is clearly a good person. He never seems to come across as rude or unkind, and he’s just so likable. However, even the most likable people sometimes make mistakes, and we have a few of Albie’s here to share with you. We’ve rounded up just a few of the things that Albie Manzo has done recently on his reality show that are just plain dumb, and we’ve brought them to you. What do you think is his stupidest moment yet?

Giving His Ex-Girlfriend a Second Chance

When Albie introduced his ex-girlfriend, Brittany, to his family, things did not go well. She is probably a very nice girl, but just about every single person that met her felt she was dating Albie because she wanted to be famous. And that is not something that his family took very lightly. Apparently, they all felt this way and Albie even felt a little bit like this might be the truth, too. Their relationship was very one-sided and kind of pathetic, as she was always half naked and acting like anything but a lady. However, when he made the decision to break up with her, his family was thrilled. They were there to support him when he made that decision, but you could see it in their faces that they were relieved. They did not like her, and they did not want her to be a part of the family. As a watcher of the show, I didn’t want her to be a part of their family.

And then Albie decided that Brittany needed a second chance. She didn’t even seem interested in actually having a relationship with him when she asked him for a second chance, but he gave it to her anyway, and it was a huge mistake. You could practically see his family losing their minds when he made that announcement. The worst part is that they were all right in saying it would never work, and it did not.

Going into the Pot Business

It’s not exactly a secret that the Manzo family is big into business. They’ve got their own brands and businesses, and Albie Manzo’s father has one of the most successful businesses in New Jersey. However, when he made the decision to go into business for himself, he made the decision to get into the drug business. Fortunately, he had no desire to be a drug dealer in any illegal manner. He simply wanted to be a drug dealer in the legal manner, and even went to Colorado to see how grow houses really work so that he could get a grip on the business he wanted to start.

We don’t know how it ends, but we do know that it doesn’t seem to be the type of business that Albie Manzo should get involved with. We like him much better doing anything – and we mean anything – but actually doing drugs even if it is legal and only for business purposes.

He Moved Back in With His Parents

Albie Manzo needs to grow up and move on. He’s nearly 30 and he still lives with his mother. No, he actually did not live with his mother for a very long time, but he recently moved back home and it seems that it is because he has a difficult time keeping a job. He’s had a number of business activities with his partners and his brother, but nothing that has lasted or made even a bit of a difference in his life. However, he has made the decision to come home and live with his parents again, and that does not sit well with many people. You see, he’s a mama’s boy. There is nothing wrong with that at all, but he’s never going to learn to take care of himself if he keeps going home to his parents and allowing them to care for him for him.

He Lied to His Mother

When the family is discussing their son’s new business venture into the world of marijuana, Albie lies to his mother. If anyone knows anything about lying, you know that it’s not a very good or very nice thing to do. In addition to that, it’s pretty obvious that a mother as close to her kids as Caroline Manzo also knows that her kids are lying when they lie to her. I’m a mother, and I will tell you that you just know; you know when your kids are not being honest with you (you go Caroline). So when Vito asks everyone if they’ve ever even tried marijuana, Caroline and Albie both say no.

It’s obvious from the second he opens his mouth that Albie is lying like it’s his business to do so. Caroline sees right through her son, too, and the two get into it. It’s just a lesson that goes to show you don’t lie to your mother. You just don’t; mothers know things that you cannot even imagine – even when they choose not to mention their knowledge of all things related to their kids.

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