Three Interesting Amy Adams Feet Facts

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For 20 years, actress Amy Adams has been captivating audiences with her bright smile and captivating on-screen presence.  Throughout her career, Adams has received several honors including two Academy Awards.  However, even with her award-winning acting ability many fans have taken a strong interest in Adams’ feet.  Apparently, Amy Adams has joined the ranks of other well-known celebrities whose feet have become stars in their own right. Although Adams’ feet are not considered among the most beautiful, they certainly seem to be among the most interesting. After hundreds of trips down red carpets, and journeys all around the world, Amy Adams feet have certainly seen more action than the rest of some people’s bodies.  Here are the three most interesting Amy Adams feet facts.

3. Amy Adams’ feet were the subject of a strange photo shoot.

In 2014, Amy Adams and award-winning film maker, Tim Burton, worked together on a photo shoot which recreated Hans Christian Anderson’s The Red Shoes. In the photos, Adams is featured wearing the legendary red shoes which have the power to control whoever is wearing them.

2. Amy Adams’ feet have their own fans.

Amy Adams may have millions of fans who love her for her acting abilities, but she also had a decent number who simply love her for her feet.  These fans have taken over several internet forums to discuss their love and admiration for Adams’ feet.

1. Amy Adams loves foot rubs.

During an interview in 2007, Amy Adams declared that a good foot rub was essentially the key to her heart.  Adams stated: “For me, the most romantic thing a man can do is give me foot rubs. I will take a really intense foot rub over a romantic dinner any day.” Fortunately for Adams, there are numerous people who would be willing to take her up on the chance to rub her feet.

(Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)

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