The Top Five Best Justin Timberlake Moments of 2014

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It seems like Justin Timberlake has been everywhere since the release of his 2013  album(s), The 20/20 Experience.  When Timberlake began his music career with the popular boy band, NSYNC fans everywhere helped the group to achieve super star status by making them the third best selling boy band in music history.  However, when the boys split up in 2002 many were unsure if Timberlake would be able to successfully embark on a solo music career.  Over the years, Timberlake has proved the naysayers wrong and has released four successful solo albums.  This year alone, the 33 year old pop star has made several television appearances, donated to charity, and gone on a world wide tour- and Timberlake shows no signs of slowing down.  Here is a list of Justin Timberlake’s five best moments of 2014.

5. Ice Bucket Challenge 

Over the last few months people all over the country have participated in the “ice bucket challenge” to raise awareness for ALS.  Last month, Timberlake decided to complete the challenge after being nominated by survivors of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.  On camera, Timberlake doused himself with ice cold water and urged others to donate to the charity.

4. International Tour

Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience World Tour began at the end of 2013 and will end in December of this year.  The tour is Timberlake’s fifth, and has been well received by critics.   As part of the tour Timberlake has performed shows in Africa, Asia and Europe with his set containing music from his 20/20 Experience albums which were both released last year.

3. iPhone 6 Ad

Apple recently announced their next generation phones, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus and with that the company has released the first ad for both phones featuring Justin Timberlake and his partner in comedy crime, Jimmy Fallon.  The 30 second commercial, which highlights both phones, features both stars’ hands and voices; however, their faces never appear on screen.

2.  Making a Song with Michael Jackson

According to Justin, he has always dreamed of making a song with king of pop, Michael Jackson, and although Jackson passed away in 2009, this year Justin’s dream came true.  Timberlake was featured in the single “Love Never Felt” so good off of Jackson’s 2014 album, Xscape.  Thanks to modern technology, Timberlake and Jackson were also able to star in a video together which was compiled of clips from Jackson’s legendary career.

1. Grammy Awards

This year, Justin Timberlake won three Grammy Awards.  Timberlake won best R&B song for “Pusher Love Girl” and best music video for “Suit & Tie” – both of which were hit songs from his 20/20 Experience project.  Timberlake also won a Grammy for his vocal performance in Jay-Z’s “Holy Grail”.

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