William Shatner Nailed with $170 Million Lawsuit By Man Claiming to Be His Son

William Shatner

Peter Sloan is a radio DJ who has a certain beef with a particular Captain.  That Captain is Kirk AKA William Shatner.  Sloan is filing a lawsuit for $170 million against Shatner due to the fact that Sloan claims that Shatner is his father.   TMZ reports that, despite the “Star Trek” star admitting that he was Sloan’s biological father, Sloan was advised to stay silent about the family ties to the 85-year-old.

Looks like that didn’t last too long.  Sloan is seeking $90 million in punitive damages, $50 million for pain and suffering and $30 million in compensatory damages.  Back in 2011 Sloan tried to get a paternity test but was told by legal reps for Shatner that he was “incredibly busy.”   Sloan believes his mother meet the iconic actor while they were both acting on Broadway in 1956.  Sloan says that Shatner admitted to being his father back in 1984 but later hung up on him during a phone call.

Not only has Sloan gone public but he changed his name to Peter Shatner and has reflected the new surname on his radio show “Hungover with Peter Shatner.”

This definitely isn’t the first time that a person as come out claiming to be the son or daughter of someone famous.  At times these stories are false and are examples of people seeking money.   Here’s another example.

Oprah was confronted by a man claiming to be her son

The man’s name was Calvin Mitchell. He claims that he asked his mother if Oprah could adopt him back in 1992 when he was 11 years-old.  Mitchell stated that he wanted to ask Oprah why she left him. He also claims that Oprah would send him gifts on a regular basis. Additionally, Mitchell claims that Oprah once offered him a job as a bodyguard.  Mitchell said that at one point he was suicidal.  He ever provided a photo of he and Oprah together.  Nothing came of it.  Mitchell told Oprah to keep in touch and gave his contact information to her representatives.  Oprah spoke out about it in October of 2015 and claimed she tried to help Mitchell repeatedly saying,  It isn’t enough to give a person a new life or money or a new car; you have to teach them how to fish themselves,” Winfrey stated.

Do you believe that Sloan is Shatner’s son?

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