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Brad Pitt Struck in the Face by Prankster at Maleficent Premiere

There is a Ukrainian prankster who likes to come to movie premiers and do really weird and uncomfortable things. Perhaps you already heard of what this guy did to Leo DiCaprio? His name is Vatalii Seduik, and I know I should be unbiased, but the guy is awful.   You want proof of this, look at his run in with Brad Pitt at the premiere of Maleficent.

So the guy jumped the barrier between the red carpet and fans and what happened next seems to be blurry, depending on what source you read. Some say he reached Brad and tried to kiss him (one of the pranks this guy does), while others say he hit him in the face. From what I know of the guy, he probably went for a kiss. Either way, he was taken out quite quickly be Brad Pitt’s bodyguards. Not only was he thrown in jail for the night, but Pitt was also awarded a temporary restraining order against him.  So if he comes back around anytime soon, he will be in deep trouble.

I know we can all laugh now, because it all turned out alright. But it has to be jarring for the star for someone that unstable to get that close to you. Seems like things could have played out very differently than they did. Rumor is Pitt laughed it off and walked into the movie. Sources close to him say that it actually shook him up quite a bit.

Can’t say we blame him.

(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images for Cinema for Peace)

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