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Trainer Reveals Rob Kardashian Determined as Ever to Drop Weight


Did Rob Kardashian really leave Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding because he “felt too overweight”? While the story is still in doubt, one thing isn’t – Rob is ready to lose weight and he’s not messing around this time.

According to reports, the overweight Kardashian is ready to drop the pounds after leaving Paris early and causing a media stir. Gunnar Peterson, Rob and Kim’s trainer, said that he texted him when he touched down in Los Angeles saying that he left the wedding early because he didn’t want to pose for any pictures. Peterson added that Rob wanted to start working out immediately to shed the pounds and get his old body back. Peterson described Kardashian as “locked and loaded”.

Rob made headlines when he was seen at the airport hours before Kim and Kanye said their “I do’s”. There was speculation that he and his family had a falling out, but it appears to be simply about his weight, which caused about just as much of a stir as the wedding. We really hope that Rob can stay the course and get his life together. Most of his family is insufferable, but the scrutiny he had to endure over his weight just wasn’t fair.

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