10 Crazy Facts You Didn’t Know about Nicholas Hoult

Nicholas Hoult

Nicholas Hoult is the 25-year-old actor who is making waves in Hollywood. The press loves him, his costars love him and he’s got some works that are pretty good and very much anticipated. He’s currently starring alongside Kristen Stewart, of “Twilight” fame, in “Equals” which recently opened at the Venice film festival. His star is quickly rising with his young age, and he is taking Hollywood by storm. But the simple fact of the matter is that despite his many roles in famous shows and movies, we still do not know much about this young actor. It seemed like it might be a good time to get to know a little about him, so we are looking into what his life is like, what he’s been doing and a few other things you might not have already known about this famous young man.

He’s from Berkshire

This young actor is from the United Kingdom. He was born in Wokingham, Berkshire in 1989, where he lived with his parents and his siblings. He attended school there, he got his education there and it was there that he discovered that he has a love of acting and of the arts. His family was very encouraging of his desires and his passions, and they helped him along the way the best that they could so that he could pursue his dreams of acting.

He’s one of four

Nicholas Hoult is one of four kids. He has two sisters and a brother, and his family is actually very close. He’s not the oldest, but he’s also not the baby. He’s actually the third of four kids, and that makes him one half of the middle child, which is something that has worked out in his favor without seeming to have left any long-term or permanent damage.

He lived a comfortable childhood

Hoult’s mother was a piano teacher, and that makes us wonder if he can play or if he probably detested the piano having to hear so much of it growing up, and his father was an airline pilot for British Airways. Because both of his parents worked good jobs growing up, he was able to live a comfortable lifestyle that involved a lot of extracurricular activities and a lot of fun.

He made his professional acting debut at 7

Hoult was only 7-years-old when he made his first professional acting debut. He was cast in “Intimate Relations” in 1996. He then worked in television for many years until he became successful in “About a Boy,” which changed his career forever. Of course, neither role really did make him quite as famous as he would become a few years later when he was cast in a major Blockbuster hit, but we will get into that a bit later.

He’s a ballet star

Believe it or not, Hoult is very good when it comes to dancing. He took ballet with his sisters growing up, and he even took part in many of the most famous ballets in the world, with roles as dancers in those. Though dancing ballet is often something that is considered a feminine activity, he’s quite good at it and not at all ashamed of his love of dancing and the edge it’s given him in his professional life. Being able to dance gives him more options in the world of Hollywood, in which many men are asked to do things that not all men can do.

He’s a sunglass model

When he was a bit younger, he was approached to be the face of Tom Ford’s eyewear line, and he said yes. It’s why so many people are able to look at him and state that he is so familiar to them. It’s probably because they’ve seen his face time and time again on the walls of department stores, shops and in magazines. He’s a Tom Ford sunglass model, which makes him pretty famous.

He’s the ex of Jennifer Lawrence

She’s one of the most famous stars in Hollywood, and the two met while filming “X-Men.” That’s when they began dating and dated for quite some time. Unfortunately, their relationship did not work out so well, but that doesn’t mean they’re not still friends. She is a very kind woman and she’s said he’s an amazing person and that she wishes it would have worked out with him. The two have been very gracious and amazing to and about one another since their split, which is something that really never happens in Hollywood.

He’s a big contributor to certain charities

Nicholas Hoult is not just another pretty face with a dream of acting and being a certain kind of person. In fact, he’s got a lot of dreams and hopes for his future, and that includes giving back.  He works with many charitable funds, including Christian Aid and the Teenage Cancer Trust. He’s even been entered into the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children’s Hall of Fame back in 2007. He’s very giving and compassionate.

He’s a video game voice star

That’s right; part of his success in the business includes voicing a video game character on a popular game that more young people than adults are familiar with. Hoult is the voice of Elliot in “Fable III” and people recognize him from there more often than you might imagine. Voices are very important, and they often stick with you and make themselves known.

X-Men made him famous

It was when he was given his role in “X-Men” that the world really began to take notice of this rising star. Suddenly his face was in every magazine that was on the newsstand and he was named one of the rising stars of the year for the public to take notice. His role really did change his life, and now he is more famous than ever and working more than ever. At just 25, he’s been able to work with many of the world’s most famous faces.

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