10 Reasons You Should be a Hilaria Baldwin Instagram Follower

hilaria baldwin

She is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, that gorgeous Hilaria Baldwin. She’s a yoga instructor, a fitness guru, a wife and a mother to three small kids. She’s married to actor Alec Baldwin, and she’s given birth three times since 2013 to their sweet daughter and two sons, and she always looks amazing. Whether she is pregnant, fresh off of giving birth, or just having fun with her family, she is simply stunning.

If you want our opinion, we think that it’s difficult not to be insanely happy when your life is filled with so much love and happiness. When you are happy where you are in life, it shines through your face like sunshine, and it makes it obvious how happy you are. We love that, and we think that she might love her life as much as she should. We also think she’s amazing enough to want to follow on Instagram. Why? Because she’s not a negative nelly, she’s not an inappropriate selfie-taker, and she’s always upbeat.

Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself.

baby photos

For baby photos

If you want a great reason to follow Hilaria Baldwin on Instagram, let it be because you love babies and cannot get enough of seeing their darling little faces. I promise you that you cannot get tired of seeing her sweet babies and their sweet faces.


For her insane fitness

Pregnant, having just given birth, whatever it is, she’s amazing. She is so into her health and her fitness and keeping her body in shape that it’s ridiculous. Except that she’s not ridiculous. She is amazing. She manages to stay fit without being totally insane or weird about it, and we love that.

baby yoga

For baby yoga

Who doesn’t want to learn to multitask? She’s amazing at it, and she manages to find a way to do it even when she’s busy. As a mom, it’s not always easy to find time to get fit, but Hilaria Baldwin finds the time to get fit even when she uses her babies as help.

for real body inspiration

For real body inspiration

This is giving birth and what it looks like afterward. Even I looked like this a day after giving back (I’m fortunate that all that shrunk back to normal within the week, though) and it’s what women look like. Some of us shrink quickly, and I like to think it’s because we take care of ourselves throughout pregnancy. The point is that she’s keeping it real, and you should love that.

my life

For fashion inspiration

Um, yes, please; we will take one of everything. If you’re not sure how to dress your bump, your baby or yourself, just take a look at Hilaria Baldwin’s Instagram account. She always looks amazing even when she’s not trying to look amazing. I mean, she’s just naturally gorgeous. More importantly, she’s happy; and happy women are beautiful.

history lessons

For a history lesson

Do you know what it is that Hilaria Baldwin’s kids are playing with right now? That’s a phone – not the new iPhone 7, either. It is a real phone. It’s the kind of phone that you might see in an office, or in the past when people had houses and they had to plug their phones into the wall to actually make them work and not just to charge them.


For humor

Please and thank you; I’ll have one of those do-it-all types for myself, please. I have a nice long list of things I can keep another mom busy with if she’s so good at what she does. I barely feel as though I get through the day with our hectic schedule at times, so I’ll take an overachiever and an awesome mom like this. No, I’ll take two.


To remind you to feel bad about those McNuggets

Well, oops. Listen, Hilaria Baldwin is amazing, but I bet she’s allowed her kids to have something that’s less than healthy for them from time to time. We all do it, and that’s fine. We feed our kids healthy food most of the time (our 5-year-old prefers salad and edamame for breakfast most mornings, to be honest) but it’s fun to do something a little unhealthy at times. No guilt, no worries; we bet she does it, too.

my life

To see(ish) what my life looks like

Hilaria Baldwin has three kids that she gave birth to in three years. Her two youngest are only 13 months apart. It is NOT the same thing as having twins, but the arm candy she’s got going on in this Instagram photo is similar to my life. it’s called 2-year-old twins, and I carry them around every day just like this. With a handbag on one shoulder, a cup in one hand, toys in the other, and somehow my car keys in there, too.


Because it’s impossible not to smile

When someone is this happy and this willing to share her happiness with the rest of us, it’s worthwhile to check it out. We adore Hilaria Baldwin and all her happy moments. If she wants to blow up our Instagram feed with her happy photos, we will totally take it, and we will love every second of it. The world needs more happy.

Photos by Hilaria Baldwin’s Instagram 

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