10 Reasons You Should be a Kristen Doute Instagram Follower

kristen doute

Love her or hate her, so many people have their own personal feeling about Kristen Doute. She’s been on Vanderpump Rules since the beginning and even though she no longer works at SUR, she is still a part of the family. She was fired, she was down, and she has managed to turn her life around. She’s started her own business in the fashion world, a lifestyle and kitchen blog, and she’s working hard to make a life for herself.

Now she’s back on reality television and she does seem a lot more put together than she has in the past. We are beyond thrilled that she finally seems to be growing up as she is in her early 30s, and we have high hopes for this one. If you’d like to see how her life is changing for the better, take a look at her Instagram feed. She’s making progress, and you can tell by the changes in her photos.

Gone are (most of) the drunken photos and instead she’s replaced them with more mature photos that still hint at her fun side but really make us think she’s turning over a new leaf.


For Puppies

We love puppies, and we love anyone with puppies. Is there a better reason to follow someone on Instagram than the fact that they have puppies and they are always willing to put them online for us to see? May we add to that the fact that she has a lot of friends with equally adorable puppies we love to see?

best friends

For Best Friend Goals

If ever you need to know that you, too, can find best friends and a squad of your own, look no further than Kristen Doute’s Instagram page. She and her friends have been through it all, and somehow they have managed to get over it, move on and become even closer than ever.


For Behind the Scenes Wedding Photos

We love a celebrity wedding, and we love it even more when other celebs shows us photos of things like this that the press don’t already have. It makes us happy, and we cannot help but want a little bit more of it every single time we turn around. When you follow Kristen Doute, you get all of that and more.

the view

For the View

Well, sometimes there are gorgeous views and sometimes there are stunning views. This falls into the category of stunning; and we love it. It’s a photo taken at Lake Tahoe, a place we used to visit weekend after weekend when we resided for a year in Northern California, and I will never forget the beauty.


For Communication Skills

When you need to learn to communicate, look no further than Kristen Doute and her Instagram page. She’s clearly a master at the communication game. As far as we know, she’s never left anything unsaid or unknown to those she dislikes, and it makes us feel pretty good about the fact that she is a great communicator. This is gold, people.

the beach

For the Beach

As a Floridian, the beach is less than 10 minutes from my home. I get plenty of vitamin Sea. However, much of the world lives without the same issue, and it’s a bummer. If you live away from the ocean and you need a bit more of it in your own life, Kristen Doute will help you out with that one. She’s got all the vitamin Sea you need to live vicariously through her.


To Learn How to Work with What You’ve Got

When you have a lot of margarita and not enough glasses, sometimes you have to get a small pool and make it work. A few straws and you’ve got the entire situation worked out. It’s like when life hands you lemons and you decide to peel them and use the rind to garnish a Cosmopolitan. You worked it out. we like that.

life lessons

For Important Life Lessons

Either way, we see it as more room for more cocktail. I don’t see how that is a life problem at all. The only thing this is a problem is when you are empty and there is nothing left with which to fill your glass. Happily, you can find something else to fill it with temporarily while you get your life back in order. Who said reality television stars can’t provide you with important life lessons?


For Party Inspiration

If you need to throw a party, you need a float, a slide and some donuts. I don’t care if you plan on sliding down the slide on the donut floats or if you are more of a Krispy Kreme girl yourself, but the point is that you have donuts. This is a perfect way to ensure the party you are throwing is more than just a little bit inspiring to those around you.


For the Coconuts

Who doesn’t love to go onto Instagram for all the coconuts? They’re big, they’re gorgeous and they make us all smile. Additionally, they smell fantastic, remind us of summer and make some pretty amazing cocktails. I highly recommend checking out Kristen Doute’s coconuts, too.

Photo by Instagram

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