10 Things We Love About Bindi Irwin

bindi irwin

She’s the young daughter of the late Steve Irwin, and she is all the things that are cool in life. Bindi Irwin is a spectacular young woman who has been through far too much for a girl her age. She lost her father when she was just a child, and in the most horrific and unexpected manner. She’s managed to hold her own growing up without a father, growing up in the press and making a life of her own as she grows up. She’s a young lady who has everything going for her no matter how much the world gets in her way, and she’s remarkable. We love her. The world loves her. Everyone thinks that she is just the most spectacular young woman in the world, and there is nothing that she has ever done, said, thought or imagined that can change our minds.

She’s respectful

She’s still just a teenager, and that typically means one thing; she’s not respectful. So many teens get to go through life thinking that being disrespectful and rude is a ‘rite of passage’ for kids their age, but it’s not. Being a teenager does not make it all right to be rude or disrespectful, to be mean or to be a certain way that’s less than respectful. What we love most about Bindi Irwin is that she doesn’t make excuses for poor behavior; she just doesn’t behave poorly.

She’s lovely

As a package, she is a lovely young woman. Bindi Irwin is a teenage girl that encompasses more class and elegance than most women far older than she, and she’s good at it. It’s easy to tell in her interviews and in her photos that she is not putting on an act, behaving as if she is a respectful and elegant young woman; she just is. Her mother and father did a phenomenal job raising her.

She can dance

When she decided to compete on DWTS, people were not sure what to think. We thought that she was young, so she’d probably have the energy to do something like this, but Bindi Irwin is not someone you might consider a very girly girl. She’s seen more often than not with snakes and reptiles and animals in a pair of shorts and boots, and we don’t see her in a ladylike or girly manner all too often, so the world was shocked when she was able to dance like a pro and knock our socks off.

She’s funny

Everyone loves someone with a sense of humor. We love that Bindi Irwin doesn’t seem to have an issue with the fact that being herself is how she is. She is self-deprecating, she is funny and she is just an enjoyable person who seems to love what she does more than anything else. She’s herself, and she’s very likable.

She’s following in her father’s footsteps

Her father died when she was very young. Steve Irwin was someone we all looked up to, but no one looked up to him more than his daughter. Bindi Irwin knows her father died in the line of work, but that hasn’t stopped her in the least from wanting to be more like him. She loves him and she loves that he is someone who was so remarkable, and she wants to be just like him. How could anyone not adore that about her and her life?

She’s eloquent

When speaking to the press, to her friends, to the world, Bindi Irwin is always eloquent. Many young girls her age might struggle with that, but she’s perfectly at ease. We imaged her eloquence comes from the fact that she was raised by people who love their kids and taught them well, and by being herself. When you are yourself, you have nothing to be afraid of. We love that about her, and we really admire her for her eloquence.

She loves her family

Her father might be gone, but that doesn’t mean she can’t still love her mother and younger brother. She always eludes to her family when she’s speaking, and it is clear that they are the most important people in the world to her. Her love for them shines from her when she’s speaking of them or with them, and we can only hope our own teenage daughters feel that way about us at that age.

She stays out of trouble

While so many young girls raised in the spotlight tend to turn toward a life that they should not, Bindi Irwin seems immune to it. She’s not out partying all night. She doesn’t drink, she doesn’t do drugs, and she spends her time with her family. She stays out of trouble, and we think that it’s easy for her since she doesn’t seem to want to bother with trouble in the least. She seems happy where she is in life.

She’s not scared

Bindi Irwin has a lot to be scared of. Her father was killed by one of the animals he worked with regularly. Her life has been spent in the spotlight for so many years. She has every right to be afraid of following in her father’s footsteps, but she’s not scared. She was not scared to take on a dance challenge and win the hearts of the entire world in the process. She is not a young woman who is afraid of much, and that makes her all the more lovable. She is really just fantastic.

She’s fierce

Who is more fierce than a young lady this age who is taking on the world and doesn’t seem at all terrified of what it might mean for her? She has everything going for her, and she is handling it with the grace of someone who has far more experience than she, and we are so proud of her. She is fierce, and she feels a little bit like the world’s daughter ever since she spoke at her father’s funeral so many years ago. We just love her.

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