10 Reasons You Should Be Watching Cake Wars

cake wars

Think about any celebration whether it is a wedding or a birthday, a retirement or a graduation; the cake is the centerpiece of the entire reception, is it not? That’s what makes Cake Wars so amazing. We all spend entirely too much money purchasing elaborate cakes that are sometimes upwards of $1,000 for just cake – cake, people. We could make a moist, delicious cake from a box (not everyone, because some people are hopeless) and enjoy that just as much as we enjoy anything else, but it is all about presentation.

Presentation is everything. Cake is art. It’s not just cake. No, it was never about the cake being cake. In fact, ask many brides and they will tell you that they don’t care nearly as much about what the cake tastes like so long as it is actually gorgeous on the outside. Many of us are just vain enough that we judge a book by its cover more so than its content. That’s just one of the reasons that Cake Wars is so awesome. There are more; and we have them for you if you need a few reasons as to why you should set your DVR to begin recording this amazing series. I mean, seriously; it’s good stuff.  

Jonathan Bennett

Who doesn’t love him? He’s cute, he has the friendliest eyes and he actually makes a good television host. We love to see him on Cake Wars for his sweet smile and his boy-next-door adorable looks. He’s fun to watch and to listen to, and that makes watching the show that much more fun.

To Learn

Listen, I am not a good cook so I’m not even going to pretend to you that I am. I am, however, an amazing baker. I’m going to go so far as to tell you that I can make some pretty elaborate 2 and 3-tier cakes of my own that are mistaken by our guests as professionally made cake. I love the finished product, but I actually hate the time it takes, the attention to detail and the actual work involved. But I love the sense the accomplishment I feel when I’m done, and the looks on my kids’ faces when they see the cakes that they’ve created come to life. I’ve learned so many fun tricks from this show that you might also pick up, and that’s like free education.

To Inspire You

When I’m feeling particularly uninspired, I will go out of my wat to watch this show and allow myself to feel a little inspiration. It’s a nice way for me to get out and get a few things done from inside my own head, and it’s creative. I like inspiration, and I like creativity so it’s a good source of motivation for me to find both in watching this show.

Because it’s Not Other Reality Television

We all watch too much television, but at least watching this is not the Kardashians or the orange kids from the New Jersey beaches. I mean, that’s something, right? If we are going to rot our brains with reality television, at least it’s with something intelligent and creative rather than actual garbage, right?

The Creativity

I cannot say it enough; creativity is the best. You never know what you might pick up on Cake Wars, whether it is a creative idea for a color scheme for your kids’ playroom, an idea for a project you and the kids can make in the kitchen or even just a fun birthday party activity. These are all fun and fabulous themes we can all get on board with, and that is fun.

Seeing Men Bake

My favorite is to see men bake. In my house, it’s not like that. In my house, my husband is an amazing cook. However, he is a terrible baker. He can ruin cookies that are already cooked and only need to be taken out of the bakery bag. He’s that bad; but I love a man in an apron and a man in an apron making a cake I’d like to eat is a dream for me.

The Competitive Nature

Can we call this healthy competition or is that a bit too much of an oxymoron? I mean, it’s cake so it’s not healthy. However, it’s healthy competition because these people are actually doing something to win something, and we like that. It is far from arbitrary mindlessness, and we like it.

To See Art

At the end of the day, the cakes these men and women create are simply artwork. They are gorgeous; they are talented, skilled and highly creative individuals who have a talent that cannot be ignored. We love that, and we love that they are willing to show their hard work to the world.

To Pick up Cooking Pointers

Sure, it’s a baking show. It’s all about cake. However, you will learn more about cooking on this show than you ever thought possible. As these men and women talk you through what they are doing, you will see how easy it is to pick up a few cooking pointers that will help you with everyday cooking needs that don’t even have a thing to do with your baking skills. It’s pretty amazing what they can do with a utensil that might change the way you make dinner for the rest of your life.

To Pick up Kitchen Knowledge

I didn’t know I could use so many appliances and so many kitchen accessories for so many things. I always thought this was for this and that was for that and that nothing did anything else. I had no idea I could take a simple household appliance that goes into my kitchen and turn it into something that works well with so many other jobs. That’s what you get with this show; knowledge. And you know that old saying, “Knowledge is power,” right? That’s a factual statement, and it’s one that we appreciate with this particular reality show.

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