10 Things You Didn’t Know about Amy Acker

Amy Acker is an American born actress who was born in Dallas, Texas in 1976 and has been in a number of popular TV shows over the years since she began her acting career. She has had both guest roles and recurring roles and has worked as a stage actress in theatrical performances as well. She is trained in different modes of dancing, which was her main focus, but redirected her focus to acting during her Sophomore year of college, to acting. Acker is a college graduate and is married to a fellow actor and has been racking up quite a well-known reputation for herself, and it’s all good. You may recognize this actress from any number of her shows and appearances, but keep reading to find out ten things you don’t know about Amy Acker.

1. Acting career debut

Acker’s acting career began in 1995 when she took a role, or several roles really, playing several different characters on a children’s series called Wishbone. In the second season of the series, Acker respectively played Priscilla, Catherine Moorland, and Venus. The show was based on a witty and intelligent little dog who imagines himself as various characters out of books, and then actually begins to have similar situations and adventures happen to him in his own life.

2. Modeled

Acker participated in a little big of modeling during her beginning years in acting. Shortly after her start with the children’s series, Acker did some modeling with the clothing line J. Crew. She appeared in their catalog, but she did not purse the field like she did acting.

3. Attended college

In 1995, Acker enrolled in Southern Methodist University, situated in University Park, Texas. Due to her interest in acting, she enrolled in the school’s theatrical program, which is one of the most renowned theatrical programs and has seen many well-known actors and actresses grace their door. In 1999, before she completed the school’s program, she was given an award for the role she played in one of their productions, the a play called Th?r?se Raquin.

4. Worked as stage actress

Before Acker became a fixture on television shows and popular TV series, Acker worked for a stint of time as a stage actress for American Players Theatre, which is located in Spring Green, WI. Although she enjoyed theatre, once she merged into television, she began taking all different kinds of roles and stuck with the

5. Was a dancer

Before acting, Acker dreamt of becoming a professional dancer and has a lot of training in dance, 13 years to be exact. She studied jazz. modern dance, and ballet, however, due to a knee injury that was so severe, it required surgery so Acker’s was forced to drop dance. After putting dance behind her, during her sophomore year, Acker turned to acting and began to enroll in the theatrical classes at her school.

6. Was very shy as a child

Acker has talked about her childhood in interviews and has talked about her shyness, describing herself as so shy, she wouldn’t have imagined herself as an actress. She said acting was never anything she thought she would have enjoyed as much as she does, and she really owes it to her high school theatrical teacher, saying that she was really wonderful and her teacher is a large part of why she is an actress today.

7. Guest roles

Among all the recurring roles Acker has had over the years, and her work has been flowing strong, she has had a numerous amount of guest appearances on some very popular hit TV shows. Acker’s has been seen on How I Met Your Mother, as well as Grimm, Once Upon a Time, Special Unit 2, Law and Order, and Ghost Whisperer. She’s also had recurring roles on Dollhouse, Happy Town and Person, of Interest.

8. Married with children

Acker’s has been married to fellow actor, James Capinello who is an American actor and producer. He is best known for his work on The Punisher, Gangster Squad and The Raid. The couple has two children together, one son, Jackson born January 22, 2005, and one daughter, Ava who was born one year later. It has been rumored that the two may be expecting their third child together. Acker was spotted going into a clinic and it was said that she was seeing an gynecologist.

9. Favorite things to do off-work

Do you know what Amy Acker’s favorite things are to do when she is not busy working learning her lines, or performing in front of the camera for one of her shows? Like most people Acker has her downtime hobbies and favorite things to do. When she isn’t behind the camera, Acker loves to read, travel and do yoga. All three sound like a very relaxing way to spend your off-hours and probably much needed R & R for the busy actress.

10. Connects with fans at comic conventions

Acker says that going to comic conventions is one of the best ways to connect with her fans. She talks highly about her fans, saying they are some of the best fans and you just meet really nice people at them. A lot of them even bring her really nice gifts, trinkets and hand drawn drawings. She says that one fan even likes to bring her elaborate puzzles for her to solve at the shows. For her, it’s a really nice way to spend a weekend.


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