10 Things You Didn’t Know about Theresa Caputo

A familiar face to many, Theresa Caputo is a famous TV personality and self-proclaimed medium who professes to be able to communicate with the dead. Many people contact Theresa Caputo to help them communicate with their loved ones or other people that are deceased. She is best known for her reality television show, Long Island Medium, and has been making headways in the news since she has been on TV, always under the scope for her authenticity. She was born in Long Island and still lives there today. You may have seen her show, or heard about her in the news with the criticism that always seems to follow her. If you do recognize this famous TV personality, keep reading to learn ten things you don’t know about Theresa Caputo.

1. Started feeling spirits at young age

Caputo says she was just a little girl. She claims she was just four years old when she first felt “spirit” and it frightened her. During her teen years, “spirit” made her anxious, but over time she began to let “spirit” channel messages through her and she learned to accept her gift and began to let “spirit” channel messages through her. She developed her gift and began to communicate with the deceased as her gift progressed.

2. Got her show in 2011

Caputo has had her own television show since 2011, Long Island Medium, that airs on TLC. The show features guests who want Caputo’s help to contact a deceased loved one or friend. She asks the guests many different questions to get a history and then relays messages to the guest from the deceased. She has been scrutinized by many people and news shows regarding her show and her true abilities.

3. Won an award

Ok, so it wasn’t a real award, but a tongue-in-cheek award given to her in 2012 by the James Randi Educational Foundation. The award is the foundation’s Pigasus Award and it seeks to expose frauds who claim to have parapsychological, paranormal or psychic abilities.

4. Is married

Caputo is a married woman and has two children with her husband of 20-plus years, Larry Caputo. Her children, Larry Jr. and Victoria, are also a part of her show. Caputo says that the camera-life wasn’t too big of an adjustment for the family, except that there is no downtime and although it is natural for them to be filmed, sometimes her kids have a hard time with having to be places that they don’t want to, especially since they are older and want to do their own thing most of the time.

5. Is an author

Caputo isn’t just a TV personality, but she’s also the author of several books, including, There’s More to Life Than This, You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Life Changing Lessons From Heaven, and Good Grief: Heal Your Soul, Honor Your Loved Ones and Learn to Live Again. She likes to help people learn more about the other side of life and give a little more insight into what she does. She tries to encourage loved ones who are left behind in the physical world, to be able to move forward and learn to enjoy life again, after the loss of someone close. Her books, send these messages to her readers and she hopes that people will learn that they continue to love those who have passed, but that life does not have to stop because they’re gone.

6. Religious beliefs

Caputo is a devout Catholic and says that every Sunday you can find her in church. She does believe there is a God and has a strong faith. A lot of people believe Caputo is a contradiction to the church and that has been a big part of the controversy surrounding her. The Catholic church has balked at her claims to communicate with the dead and has even said that he work is of the devil.

7. What is her main goal of her show?

Caputo has talked about the reason she started her show and that was to help people understand that there is more to life than just what is in the physical world. She says that she wants to help people understand that their loved ones are in a better place and are safe, so that they can go on to live their lives in peace.

8. What you will see at one of her shows

If you were to attend one of Caputo’s shows, you will definitely see some crying, because of course, it is very emotional for people to be able to communicate with a person that has died and are truly missed. Although crying is  a part of the show, Caputo says that what she really wants to have happen during a spirit connection with a guest, is laughter, She has said that she’s made it clear to “spirit” that it must connect and communicate with laughter so that the experience her guests feels, is enjoyment, more than anything else.

9. She is certified

Although Caputo says her ability to connect with “spirit” started spontaneously as a child, she still had to learn how to use this ability and communicate these messages to her guests. She has been a medium for ten years, and received certification from the Forever Family Foundation, an organization that is dedicated to the ability to connect science with the afterlife.

10. In what ways has Caputo helped people?

Caputo says that some of the biggest ways in which she has helped people since being a medium, is of course, one, that she gets to relay messages to people from loved ones that she has private sessions with. Other ways that she has helped people is by helping to not be so fearful of death. For those who were either fearful of death in general, facing death or afraid for their loved ones, she has eased that worry and fear. She says that she has also helped others who wanted to reach out to deceased loved ones but were fearful to, finally do so.


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