10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ariana Madix

Ariana Madix

Anyone who loves a little reality television might recognize the name Ariana Madix. She is one of the stars of the hit show Vanderpump Rules, a spin-off of the RHOBH’s star Lisa Vanderpump and her ownership in several LA area restaurants. She was brought onto the show as a friend of one of the other waitresses a few seasons ago, and she’s managed to do her due diligence fighting with the other cast members, offending people, stealing boyfriends and causing controversy. And we bet Bravo loves that considering that their ratings on the show are quite high. Who knew so many people were curious about the lives of wait staff at a high-end restaurant in the middle of Beverly Hills? Despite the fact that Ariana Madix makes her appearance on reality television often, there are still a number of things we just do not know about her. That’s why we decided to let you in on a few Ariana Madix facts right here and now.

She Doesn’t Get Along with Kristen

While Kristen was one of the original cast members of the show, she was in a relationship with the bartender, Tom. Now that Ariana Madix is dating Tom, and has been for some time now, Kristen doesn’t like her and makes it her personal mission to treat her poorly despite the fact that she, too, has moved on and entered into a new relationship.

She Took Kristen’s Boyfriend

If there is one thing that Kristen Doute likes to imply if not say directly, it’s that Ariana Madix took her boyfriend, Tom, from her. It might or might not be true, though there is some speculation that it’s entirely true by  many. However, the official word on the street is that Tom and Kristen were broken up when Ariana Madix came into the picture. But the rest of us can suspect what we feel might be the truth.

She’s Half the Sexiest Couple

OK! Magazine decided that the world just had to know which reality stars in the world were the sexiest, and it appears that they have named Tom and Ariana Madix as their sexiest couple. Of course, Tom is an aspiring model and actor, though he is mostly a bartender and reality television star, but he is probably happy to have had the opportunity to model for a few photos with his pretty girlfriend.

She’s a Florida Girl

Did you know that Ariana Madix is a Florida native? She’s from the east coast town of Melbourne, not too far from Orlando. She grew up there with her family, and now she’s living in LA tending bar at SUR for Lisa Vanderpump.

She’s an Actress

According to Ariana Madix, she’s been an actress forever. She says she was in theater when she was just a child and she’s been acting her entire life. The chance to be on a reality television show and make herself more famous, hopefully so she could gain some bigger and more prominent roles in television seems to be her goal. All we have to say is that she must not be a very popular actress if she’s been one forever and she still has to serve cocktails to those more privileged than her to make ends meet.

She Began her Adult Acting Career in New York

When she graduated school in Florida, Ariana Madix made the move to New York City to pursue her acting career. She hasn’t really said much about what she did, how she acted and what kind of work she had there when she was living there, but she is open about the fact that she then moved to LA so that she could keep her acting career alive after she was living in New York.

She Loves the Walking Dead

You know when someone famous gives you their favorite show and you’re like “Oh, me too!” and you feel a connection? Well, I’m not a Walking Dead fan, but Ariana Madix is – and so is most everyone else, right? It seems that everyone loves this show and that it has become one of the most popular shows in the world to date with its zombies and other things.

She says the Series is not Edited

When Ariana Madix says something on her reality television show, it’s not edited. It seems that many reality stars like to go ahead and say that they didn’t say what it sounded like they said because someone edited it to make it sound that way. In her opinion, there is no such thing as bad editing, just bad things that come out of people’s mouths and make it onto television. I kind of love that.

She Says the Show is not Scripted

While Ariana Madix is big on saying that her reality show is not scripted, she is also big on saying that it’s not really reality, either. Except that she doesn’t actually say that; she just says other things and she doesn’t seem to realize what she is saying. The show is not scripted, according to Ariana Madix, but unlike real life where she can just avoid people she doesn’t like and never have to talk to them, she has to interact with them and go places and have conversations she does not want to have so that they camera crew can get it on film. So maybe it’s not scripted, but the show is certainly manipulated.

Her Reality Friendships are Real

Ariana Madix wants her fans and her haters to know one thing; her friendships on the reality show on which she stars are very real. She’s not into making fake friends and not making true friendships. When cameras are not rolling, she is still with the people she’s with on the show. This is not something she does for the show; these are her real friendships and the real people she loves in her life. That’s something interesting, since many people wonder about that on a regular basis watching reality on television.

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