10 Ways the United States Would be Better With Oprah as President

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Oprah Winfrey is one of the most popular people in the world.  From humble beginnings in Mississippi to having one of the most well-known talk show hosts to ever hit the airwaves, Oprah is a true example of the American dream.  Now, one of the richest and most beloved people in the country, many feel like the Unite States would be a much better place if Oprah was the president.  Although she has never held a political office, people seem pretty confident in the fact that there’s nothing that Oprah can’t do.  Unfortunately, she hasn’t expressed much interest in holding the presidential office, or any other office for that matter, but the good people of the United States are never quick to let go of a dream.  Here are 10 ways the United States would be better with Oprah as president.

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More people would read books.

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When Oprah’s Book Club recommends a book, you know it’s legit.  Although reading is becoming less and less popular among many people in the country, if Oprah were president, there’s a pretty good chance a lot of people would put their nose in a book with no problem.  Seriously, even if you don’t like to read, you know better than to tell Oprah no.

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We’d have a president that actually cares about our problems.

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If you’ve ever seen an episode of Oprah’s talk show, you’ll know that she’s all about the people.  Oprah seems to genuinely care about people and their problems, and she’s all about expressing feelings and hugging it out.  You’ve got to admit that it’d be pretty cool to cry on the president’s shoulder after telling her how hard it’s been for you to move on from your last relationship.

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While nobody wants to be in charge of a country full of idiots, there have been many presidents who have shown little interest in investing any money into the educational system.  Well, Oprah doesn’t play when it comes to education, and she would probably dedicate much of her time in office to making sure that the good people of the United States had access to good schools.

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She would make sure that everyone had health insurance.

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Okay, so affordable health care is cool, but it’s still not something that everyone can afford. But with Oprah being the kind of team player that she is, she would probably be all about making sure that all Americans were insured.

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Iyanla would be fixing everybody’s life.

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In 2012, the reality TV series, Iyanla Fix My Life, debuted on the OWN Network.  Each season, Iyanla has worked with people to fix their personal problems and help them grow from their mistakes. Well, there’s plenty of people left in the country whose lives could still use a good fixing.  With Oprah as president, having Iyanla appointed as the national life fixer seems like an obvious move.

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Everyone loves Oprah.

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Everyone loves Oprah, even people in other countries.  Having Oprah as president would almost instantly improve the country’s relationships with other countries.

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She’s all about charity.

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Americans have a reputation for being greedy, selfish, and ungrateful.  However, Oprah is the exact opposite.  Her rags to riches story has made her grateful for all of the opportunities she’s been given, and she’s all about doing what she can to give back.  Hopefully that giving spirit would rub off on some of the American people.

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She’s an OG

Oprah Winfrey Visits Australia - Day 7

It’s no secret that all politicians will say almost anything to get elected.  However, Oprah isn’t actually a politician and she’s always been the type of person who keeps it real. With more than 30 years under her belt, Oprah may not be well versed in politics, but she’s one of the most well-respected and well-known people in the world, and she knows exactly what it takes to get to the top.

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Gayle King would be Vice President.

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No matter how rich or famous Oprah’s gotten, she hasn’t forgotten about her long-time bestie, Gayle King.  Sure, Gayle doesn’t have any previous political experience, but she would make a great running mate.  How is any of this relevant you ask? Well, it’s not, but if Oprah is half as dedicated to the presidency as she is to being a good friend, than the United States will never have anything to worry about.

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Everyone would get a CAR!!

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During her days as a talk show host, Oprah became well-known for giving free cars to everyone in her audience.  The population of the United States may too big for Oprah to give a free car to everything, but there’s nothing wrong with holding out a little bit of hope.

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