10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ariane Andrew

Born ins November of 1987, Ariane Andrew is better known as her ring name, Cameron, which is short for Cameron Lynn. Ariane Andrew is an American professional wrestler, singer, actress, model and dancer. She was raised in the Northridge, Los Angeles, California area and later moved to North Hollywood after she graduated from college. She has appeared on multiple reality TV shows and is a wrestler under the WWE. This multi-talented girl lives a very busy life, competing, maintaining her roles on television, dancing and keeping her fans up-to-date on her life and happenings. You may have seen this wrestler in one of her competitions or on one of her reality shows over the past, recent years. If you recognize her, you will want to keep reading to see 10 things you didn’t know about Ariana Andrew.

1. Worked with autistic children

Andrew isn’t just a pretty face. She is very well educated and a lot of schooling under her belt. She graduated first, from Granada Hills Charter High School, where she was very active in track and cross country. She was also a member of her school’s drama school, which sparked her interest in acting. After completing HS, Andrew later graduated from California State University, Northridge with her BA in business marketing, as well as a BS degree in psychology. After completing her degree, she headed to North Hollywood where she took a position as a behaviorist for autistic children.

2. Tough Enough

Andrew was a competitor on the reality show, Tough Enough during the 2011 season and was the first one to be eliminated from the show. Once she left the show, she was signed on with the WWE as part of the Funkadactyls and later, from 2013-2015, took a recurring role on the reality TV series, Total Divas.

3. Her balancing act

Andrew says she had to balance work, school and her entertainment dream. While in school fulltime and working, she also worked on her dream to entertain, which she says was a real balancing act. She was signed with L.A. Casting Agency at the time, who got her the interview with WWE. She was excited to get the casting call because it was the perfect combination for her, she has said. It was a combination of sports and entertainment.

4. Workout routine

Andrew has discussed her workout routine and although she adheres to a strict routine of making sure she works out all through the week, as far as what parts of the body she works out on which day, she is flexible. While many people who are serious about their workout routine, she just makes sure she gets it in on a regular basis and does not focus on certain areas on certain days. One thing she does do ritually, is to make sure she gets 30-45 minutes of cardio every day.

5. Is a character in video games

Andrew has not only appeared in the real ring, in real life, bit she has had roles in video games, too. She has appeared in four different WWE video games. Her first video game debut was with WWE 13 as an NPC. She later appeared in WWE 2K14 as well as WWE 2K15, as her first playable character, and again as a playable in WWE 2K16.

6. Stands up for bullying

Many sports players and celebs have strong beliefs in certain world issues and become advocates for what they believe in. Andrew has voiced her concern for bullying and started her own, anti-bullying campaign, called “wrong #.” She has worked to promote her campaign online through social media because she said that that is where a lot of the bullying is happening, online, through social media.

7. How tall is Ariane Andrew?

You might think a girl who wrestles on the WWE would be a big strapping girl, however, this is not quite the case with Andrew. Andrew is actually a pretty small stature, but she is definitely tough. She is only 5 foot 4 and only weighs about 120 pounds. She is very athletic and has always played sports, which has helped her in her wrestling abilities.

8. What kind of guys does she date?

Andrew has said that she only dates white guys and has no interest in black guys. She didn’t elaborate on exactly why she prefers white guys, except that she did say that she thinks interracial couples make beautiful babies and she also said that whoever is interested in dating her, has to be amazing or she will move on.

9. Not married

It has been rumored that Andrew may be with someone, but only as a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. She is currently not married and there are no hints of anything in the tabloids as to how serious she is with the relationship. She does not have any children either, that have ever been mentioned.

10. First to go to college

Andrew says that she is the first person in her family to go to college. Despite her mother always telling her how much personality she had, Andrew describes her family as, “different.” She has said in an interview that her young years and family life were difficult. Because of her strained childhood, she likes to do the opposite of what she is around, which is what drove her to use entertainment and education as her outlet from her home life, and it’s what drover her to become the talented and well-educated lady she is today.


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