10 Things You Didn’t Know about Married to Medicine’s Mariah Huq

Mariah Huq

Being married to a doctor is not the easy job that many men and women assume that it is, and Married to Medicine’s creator, producer, mastermind and star Mariah Huq will tell you that upfront. Being married to a doctor means your spouse works all hours of the day or night, can be called away at any given moment and sometimes it’s a long time between time together for couples like this. Throw a couple of kids into the mix and it’s a difficult strain on even the healthiest of marriages (we’ve all seen Grey’s Anatomy). That’s why Mariah Huq came up with the concept of this hit reality show and shopped it to Bravo, who picked it up and has been running with it for three seasons.

She’s someone who is well on her way to becoming a household name, and that’s what makes Mariah Huq someone that people want to get to know more about, and we have that information right here.

Net Worth

Mariah Huq has a net worth of approximately $4 million. She earns money from her role on television, from her children’s line and from her husband’s career as a doctor. Her husband specializes in emergency medicine in Atlanta, and he couple live a very comfortable life because of that. Their net worth is not overly impressive in terms of what some people are worth, but it’s a lot of money regardless.

She’s the Creator of her Reality Show

Mariah Huq has been married to a doctor for a while, and she understands that it is not as glamorous as many like to believe. Her husband is a doctor, and that means he is just what the show states; married to his medicine. Many doctors and their spouses will tell you upfront that being a doctor typically always comes first and that it’s something that you cannot change no matter how hard you try to change that.

She’ the COO of a Children’s Line

Along with her sister, Lake, Mariah Huq has launched a children’s line that sells both pajamas and jewelry. So far, the line has been successful enough that she feels she will find success shopping the line to Macy’s department stores. The line is called Jewel and Jem, and it might very well be available in America’s favorite department store at any time.

Her Line was Featured on the RHOA

When Mariah Huq and her sister were called in to design a nursery for Real Housewife of Atlanta, Phaedra Parks, they did so with gusto. Their line was then featured on the show and gained some serious notoriety thanks to that, and it’s helped the star become a bit more famous and draw a bit more attention to her line than she had in the past.

She was once Asked to be a Real Housewife

When the Real Housewives of Atlanta producers approached Mariah Huq about being a housewife on the series, she turned them down. She was quite flattered by the offer, but she eventually decided that this was simply not something that she wanted to do with her life and she told producers thanks but no thanks. It all worked out for her in the end.

She’s not Coming back to Reality Television

Fans noticed that they did not see Mariah Huq in the season three promos for Married to Medicine and they were displeased. However, the reality start did take to her Facebook page to tell the world that she would not return to the show after other producers worked hard to make her look like a villain despite the fact that she is not one. She felt as if she as being mistreated, especially as the creator of the show and a producer of the show, and she decided not to return.

She’s no Longer Friends with the Women on the Show

After she suffered her miscarriage last year, Mariah Huq announced that she never heard from even one of her co-stars to tell her that they were sorry, to express their condolences or even to offer to help her in any way. They all decided not to call. What makes this even more upsetting for Mariah is that these are her friends. She chose these women to be a part of her reality show because they were the people she was closest to, the women that knew all too well what it’s like to be married to a doctor.

She and her Husband have a Nutrition Line Launching

Cinnamon Girl Diet and Nutrition is the health line that Mariah Huq and her husband are launching. She’s creative and he is a medical professional, so they are working hard to bring this concept to real life as a way of battling obesity in minority women. The line will be available worldwide, so anyone can have access to it and not just Americans or those who are in her husband’s native Bangladesh.

She Wants more Kids

They aren’t so young anymore – according to those pesky rules that doctors like to give when women want to have a baby – but Mariah Huq and her husband are looking forward to expanding their family at some point. They are both on board with wanting more kids in the future, though neither has put a real timeline on the process of having kids. Additionally, no one has said whether or not they want to get pregnant again, use a surrogate or even adopt some children who need families of their own. They already have two kids of their own.

She Miscarried Last Year

It’s always a tragedy when a woman loses an unborn child, and Mariah Huq knows that all too well after she suffered a miscarriage last year. Knowing that she wants more kids, this was especially difficult for her and for her husband. This is why we believe that the star and her husband will not overlook any options in the future as they might end up needing to look another way to ensure that they are able to have kids in a different manner.

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