10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ryan Edwards

Born in 1988 in Tennessee, Ryan Edwards was born to Lawrence and Jennifer Edwards and is the only child. He is an American reality TV star who gained attention by taking parts on shows that were focused on teen pregnancy. He met the mother of his child, Maci Bookout, when she was just 15 years old and he was 20. Edwards is now 29, but he has had several relationships over the years and battled drugs, on and off camera. It looks like he is finally trying to get squared away, but only time will tell. If you have ever watched one of the shows Edwards has participated in, you might know who he is. But here are ten things you didn’t know and Ryan Edwards.

1. 16 and Pregnant

It was the on the show, 16 and Pregnant, that Edwards gained recognition and popularity. He was aired on Maci Bookout’s episode where she tells Edwards that she is expecting and then the show follows the couple as they try to wrap their minds around the news together, and figure out what to do. They began to plan a wedding, but that was not going to be. Edwards showed no interest in marriage, however, they still have a son together now, Bentley.

2. Teen Mom

The next reality show Edwards made appearances on was Teen Mom. It is a show that focuses on 4 couples as they try to deal with the struggles of being teen parents; jobs, new baby, relationships and trying to communicate and keep the romance alive. Bookout and Edwards’ relationship was strained throughout the show and he clearly did not want to have anything to do with being a dad or a relationship. The relationship ended by Bookout telling Edwards it was over while standing in her parent’s garage.

3. New girlfriends

Edwards went through a series of girlfriends after he and Bookout split up. For a while, he was tied to a girl named Dalis for about a year, and when that ended, he was hooked up with Kiki Cooper for a while. Mackenzie Standifer is who ultimately won his heart, however, and I guess he felt like he was ready to settle down once they were together.

4. Moving to Georgia

Edwards hails from Tennessee where he was apparently working as a lineman. Whether he was happy or not, on one of his Instagram posts it appears that he is moving to Georgia to take a job to work on power lines, which we all know if a dangerous job. However, he was found complaining about moving to Georgia only a day after he announced his excitement about it.

5. Portrayed as a “not-so-good” dad

Well, if you agree to be on a reality TV show, you have to be willing to be portrayed however the show sees fit, and apparently not only was Edwards not acting as the best dad, but MTV certainly did not portray him in a “good dad” light. Hopefully things are changing for him now, and he’s becoming the dad he should be.

6. Was not into the baby

Despite the relationship ending and he no longer had to deal with a romantic relationship with Mackenzie, the mother of his child, he still didn’t pick up the slack with his son, Bentley. Bookout has said many times, that she was the main one to be the caregiver of the baby.

7. Bookout gets married

Edwards’ ex, Mackenzie Bookout wound up getting married too, to a guy named Taylor McKinney. When Bookout told Edwards she was getting married, she says that he wasn’t mad or upset, but rather supportive. The two of them went on to have children, but it has been determined that the two have had a lot of issues between them, and Bootout has said that it is due to the stress of having three kids, that it’s all finally catching up to them and they aren’t handling it well.

8. Has a need for speed

In his pastime, Edwards has a couple of hobbies, and they are typical guy-things to do. He loves to race motorcycles and ATV’s, when he can. Maybe this is something he’ll be teaching and doing together with his son as he gets older. Hopefully he is bonding better with his child as he’s getting older.

9. Married

Edwards has married his girlfriend MacKenzie Standifer and they tied the knot in Hamilton County, Tennessee. There is no information on the location, but the date is said to have been May 15, 2017, which has not been that long ago. There had been rumors floating around that he popped the question of marriage in a Waffle House, however, he got on his social media sites and quickly squashed those theories.

10. Drug rehab

Edwards has battled with drugs over the years and there were suspicions way back on his first reality TV shows that he was on drugs. The mother of his child, Maci Bookout, talked openly about it and has said that she knew he was on drugs and was so worried about him. She wanted him to get help so that nothing bad would happen to him and leave their son fatherless. Edwards has subsequently checked into a rehab on June 3, 2017, just a few weeks after his wedding.


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