10 Things to Say about the Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Divorce

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

The world was shocked to its proverbial core on Monday when news broke that superstar Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt. The two have been together well over a decade, married only two years, and they share a number of adorable children. They managed to overcome their awful reputation as being the cheating husband who reportedly began an affair during the filming of their hit movie “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” and wrecking Pitt’s marriage to Jennifer Aniston, America’s Sweetheart. They became the couple that everyone fell in love with, and now that their relationship is over the world is still in shock. To be fair, there are few people who actually saw this one coming after so many years, children and life experiences. We have a few thoughts on this one.

It was inevitable

The old saying, “What goes around comes around,” rings particular true in this case. While we never wish any negativity on anyone, we have to go with the idea that these two simply did this to themselves. No matter how often they deny that they had an affair, the world knows that the likelihood that they didn’t is very slim. Many knew that this would happen when he allegedly cheated on his wife. It’s called karma, and there are fans who aren’t shocked at all by this.

Once a cheater…

I don’t know about this one; but I’ve never been in the situation, so I don’t know. Once a cheater, always a cheater, right? Perhaps that might be true for many, but I also believe that true love overcomes everything. If there is anything that we can say about Jolie and Pitt, it is that they seemed seriously real. I wouldn’t have assumed he would cheat on her, but that’s already the report.

Marion Cotillard will end up with some serious haters

The beautiful French actress has been a major player in Hollywood for many years, and now she is the rumored woman with whom Pitt had an affair filming yet another movie. Whether it’s true or not, we know that all it takes is her name being linked to Pitt’s to have Angelina Jolie fans enraged. Her reputation is this close to being ruined for good in the public eye.

The kids

Pitt and Jolie have several children, and we aren’t sure what will happen to them. She’s said over and over again that he is a wonderful father, and we hope that she takes her personal feelings and puts them aside long enough to allow her kids to continue their relationship with their father. Who knows, though?

The memes

It’s been one day, and the memes are already going insane on social media. There are photos of Jennifer Aniston smiling and memes that she’s having the best day ever. It won’t stop. In fact, we predict it will only get worse. The people still on team Aniston are not hating this divorce announcement, and they’re finding it to finally be the karma that they’ve been hoping would occur for well over a decade now.

Jennifer Aniston will actually hate this

If I had to put myself in her shoes, I’d imagine she’s not thrilled about it. She wasn’t happy about their coupling so many years ago being that she was already married to Brad Pitt and all, but I do imagine the last thing Jennifer Aniston wants in her life right now is the constant barrage of questions about her ex-husband. She’s happily married and living her own life, and we imagine she’s not entirely thrilled to be dragged into this once again. She’s over it, and she’s still going to be asked about it in every interview she grants from now on. She’s got to be dreading a secondary rehash with this couple.

Angelina Jolie is mad

Whatever Pitt did to her, she’s angry. She has reportedly filed reports that ask a judge for sole physical custody of her children and only shared joint legal custody. Basically, this means she’s not withholding his rights as a father, but she’s withholding his rights to have the kids live with him, ever. It seems she wants to have visitation with the kids for him, but that’s pretty much it.

The rumors will fly

It’s been one day, and the rumors are already insane, and we have a feeling that they are only going to become worse. The thing is that the world did not see this coming. This is one of those divorces that is simply shocking to everyone. The couple was as happy as ever as recently as August, and that means that whatever happened is pretty bad.

Pitt’s reputation is ruined

Since news broke that these two have not been separated for months or a year or whatever it usually is when the world is shocked by a divorce, the world has gone insane. It’s been reported that it’s been less than a week since they separated, and now she’s already filing divorce paperwork. What we hear in that is that whatever happened between them is unforgivable and really that bad. We have to say that we’re not starting rumors, but we tend to lean toward the ones that state that Brad Pitt was caught cheating on his wife, and she’s not giving him a second chance. Why? Because she’s been the woman he was cheating with, already.

A long battle

This is going to be one of those divorces in which nothing is resolved quickly. Though we hear that Angelina Jolie is not asking for any spousal support – and she should not given that she’s a working woman with a very impressive net worth of her own – but she’s fighting for sole physical custody of the kids, and we feel that he’s not going to be all right with that. He did make an appropriate comment about his sadness over the entire situation when news broke, but we think that he’s biding his time and that this divorce is going to become very, very ugly.

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