10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chelsea Houska

chelsea houska

There’s nothing we love more than a teen mom. Just kidding; we love about everything else in the world more than the girls who were somehow able to become famous for being pregnant teenagers not more careful with their extracurricular activities. While we know that things happen and that there are always incidents in which you have to work your way through to make a better life for yourself – and that not all teen moms are like the ones portrayed on this show – we also know that the vast majority of the girls on MTV’s “Teen Mom” end up making an even bigger mess of their life after they become minor reality television stars as teenage moms.

Chelsea Houska is a teen mom from the “2” part of the show, and she just opened up about the fact that she is expecting her second baby. She’s got a 6-year-old daughter from her teenage relationship, and now she is having a baby with her new fiancé. That just makes us wonder; she’s 24 and about to welcome her second child with a second man. We want to know more about her.

She’s 24

Of all the teen moms that have appeared on reality television, she is among the oldest. Many were much younger than 18 when they welcomed their children, but at Houska was 18 at the time. At least she was considered a legal adult at the time. I have no idea why that makes it at least a little bit more appropriate than being 16, but it seems like it does.

She’s engaged

Chelsea Houska met her fiancé in 2014 and he proposed to her at some point in 2015. She announced that news on her website by posting a photo of them together and stating that he is now stuck with her since he made the decision to put a ring on it.

There are no wedding plans we know of

We don’t know if there are any wedding plans in the works, but we do know that this is a couple who is about to welcome their new baby in February 2017. That means she’s fairly early along in her pregnancy and that she didn’t get engaged because of her pregnancy. Could this put her wedding on hold, or will the couple make the decision to bring their baby into the world as a married couple? We have no idea.

They love animals

Chelsea Houska is an animal lover, but she doesn’t have a cat or a dog or anything like that. In fact, she actually has a pet pig that she named Pete. Pete the Pig kind of works in that really adorable way, don’t you think? Houska and her fiancé made the decision to get this pig together, so it is part of their own family that they have been creating for the past two years of their relationship. They seem to love it a lot, so we can only imagine how much they will love their baby once he or she is born.

Her ex doesn’t love her much

Chelsea Houska’s daughter is six, and her name is Aubree. She had him as a teen with a young man by the name of Adam Lind, and they don’t get along anymore. In fact, they don’t get along to the point that he quit the show on season and told national media outlets that he would not allow his daughter to be part of the show anymore because he dislikes his ex so much.

She wants more child support

Adam Lind came out and told media outlets that he’s paying a lot of money to Chelsea Houska for their daughter’s child support, and that she wants to raise the amount to $945 per month. The thing is that he also has a daughter with another one of the girls from the same reality show and he’s also paying her child support, too. He’s not interested in paying more for either of his kids.

She makes a lot of money

Chelsea Houska is not a girl without a good job. In fact, she makes more than the average household in the United States. She makes a reported $250,000 per year for being part of a reality show. It’s also been said that she will make closer to $300,000 per season for any subsequent seasons she films of television. That’s a lot of money for a 24-year-old girl being paid to be on television because she is a teenage mother.

She’s one of four kids

Chelsea Houska is a young girl with three other sisters. Her father and her mother are no longer married, but she does have a stepmother who has been with her father for some time. We have no idea if any of those girls are hers or not, but we do know that her father has four daughters and he really does love his granddaughter, Aubree, very much as it is shown in the show.

She’s a daddy’s girl

We have seen time and time again that Chelsea Houska has it a lot better than many of the other girls on the teen mom circuit. In fact, her father is a dentist with his own practice and he often comes to her rescue paying her bills and taking care of her daughter for her so that she can live her life. It is probably not the best situation for a young mom to rely so much on her father when she’s making six figures as a reality television star, but it’s not our decision to make.

Her stepmom is embarrassed

We’ve found that there is a reason that Chelsea Houska’s stepmom has not been part of the show so far. She’s embarrassed by her family’s participation in a show like this, and we love her now. She is embarrassed that her stepdaughter became famous for being a teenage mother and that her family participates in making that seem like such an awesome thing. Good for her.

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