10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chloe Lattanzi

chloe lattanzi

If you have never heard the name Chloe Lattanzi, it’s because you’re not paying attention. She’s an actress and a musician with several roles to her name, though most of them were back in the early part of the new millennium as well as the early 1990s when she was just a child. She is most famous, perhaps, because of her mother. Her mother is the famed actress Olivia Newton-John, who famously portrayed the innocent and very sweet Sandy in the hit movie Grease alongside John Travolta. Born in 1986, Chloe Lattanzi has followed a bit in her mother’s footsteps taking on roles in movies and sitcoms, but she’s been a little bit out of the picture for the past few years and many people wonder where she’s gotten off to; and we can tell you a few things about what she’s been doing and how she is now.

Her Grandfather is a Nobel Prize Winner

Chloe Lattanzi comes from a long line of famous and very successful family members. Aside from her famous mother, her maternal great grandfather was also a famous man. He was the recipient of the Nobel Prize. His name was Max Born, and he won the Nobel Prize in 1954 for Physics. More precisely, he was awarded this prestigious prize for his research into the world of quantum mechanics and the statistical interpretation of wavefunction; and that was not his only awarded prize throughout his life.

She’s Been on Her Mother’s Albums

When Olivia Newton-John released her 1994 album that included a track by the name, “The Way of Love,” Chloe Lattanzi was part of the track. She provided her mother with background lyrics in the song. It was her first professional experience, though she did spend time in the school choir prior to beginning a musical career with her mother.

She’s Denied any Plastic Surgery

Chloe Lattanzi might not love the idea of her personal life being plastered all over the internet and the gossip magazines for the world to see, but she was once an actress, she’s trying to be a singer and she’s the daughter of a very famous mother. That means that people are curious about her, and she cannot hide a lot of her own personal life from the press. For example, the fact that she looks like a completely different  – and not in a good way – woman than she used to is a bit obvious. Her entire face looks different and she no longer resembles the lovely woman she once was; she now looks like an adult film star gone all wrong. Though she says it’s all DIY things she does at home. Right.

She’s Only 29

Looking at photos of Chloe Lattanzi, you might think she’s in her mid-40s and working very hard to appear younger. You’d be mistaken. She is still in her 20s, but she has done so much work to herself – allegedly – that she has aged herself more than a decade.

She’s a Recovering Cocaine Addict

Chloe Lattanzi apparently did like many other young stars do in their prime and she turned to cocaine to help her cope with the pressure of growing up in the spotlight. She underwent a lot of rehabilitation to work on her addiction, and she’s still recovering from her years spent abusing cocaine and her health.

She’s a Recovering Alcoholic

When Chloe Lattanzi was abusing cocaine, she was also abusing alcohol. She used the bottle to help her cope with the private issues she was having in life, and she quickly became addicted to drinking. She has talked a bit about her issues, but she does not like to delve much into them as she likely considers it a dark and painful time in her life. She hasn’t really addressed it since she’s been in rehab many years ago, but we are happy to say she seems as if she is handling her sobriety quite well.

She’s Recovering from an Eating Disorder

At the same time she was addicted to cocaine and alcohol, Chloe Lattanzi was also suffering from an eating disorder. It’s not uncommon for those who grow up in Hollywood to do so, and she was not immune to the issues that come with being photographed, picked at, prodded, dissected and judged for everything she does. She wanted to be thin, so she starved herself to make that happen.

She Spent 7 Months in Rehab

Now that you know that Chloe Lattanzi was an addict in several ways and that she suffered from an eating disorder, it should come as no surprise to you that she spent some time in rehab. However, unlike many stars who spend a few weeks or even a month in there, Chloe Lattanzi took her recovery very seriously and spent seven months in a rehab facility to help her recover from her numerous issues.

Her Net Worth

Chloe Lattanzi might not be a big star in Hollywood, and many people might not know her name, but she still has an estimated net worth of approximately $1 million. She’s earned her own money with her recording career and her acting career, and she’s also likely going to inherit a bit of money from her mother at some point in her life. She’s not doing too shabby on her own, though, and that is something her parents are very likely proud that their daughter has accomplished.

She Spent her Time with Other Famous Faces

When she was addicted to cocaine and alcohol, Chloe was also spending her time with some less than desirable friends. She would go out and get high and drunk with the likes of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, both young women who have been arrested, in trouble with the law and not in good places in their lives. Lohan has ruined her career completely and Hilton is now working as a DJ and trying to stay out of the limelight; likely because her family is disappointed that she never did anything with her life.

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