10 Things You Didn’t Know about Dreezy


Dreezy is a rapper, but her real name is actually Seandrea Sledge, and she’s already acquired a net worth of approximately $400 thousand. She’s a 22-year-old Chicago native who broke into the rap scene in 2012 and has been making a name for herself ever since. Most people don’t know her by her real name, and she appreciates that. Her stage name is what she wants to be known for, and she is someone who wants to change the face of rap. She’s pretty skillful in the songwriting department, and she’s getting some serious praise for both that and her album that dropped earlier this summer. She’s a huge name in Chicago, and she’s ready to take that to the next level so she can achieve her dreams. Now that we’re a bit more familiar with her and all she has to offer, we thought you might want to get to know Dreezy a bit better yourself.

She didn’t have a great childhood

Dreezy is from the south side of Chicago. If you’re not familiar with the area, it’s not the side you want to be on. It’s the side that is generally known for being quite poor, quite dangerous and not a place you want to grow up. That’s where she’s from, though; and it means her childhood was one that could have changed her life for the worse if she had allowed it.

She turned to art as a child

As a child, Dreezy found that she needed to do something that took her away from her life in the south side. She began to study art in any form she could find it in, from dance to actual art work to singing to writing and many other forms of art. She needed something that distracted her from what her life was like as a child, and it worked. She was good at all she did, but it wasn’t until she was 14 that she realized that singing was where she wanted to find herself in the world of arts and entertainment.

Some think she’s better than Nicki Minaj

Back in 2014, Dreezy released a remix of Nicki Minaj’s “Chiraq” and people began telling her that it’s actually better than the one that Nicki Minaj released. That’s a lot of praise from people, since she is a seriously talented rapper and has been on top of the charts since almost the day she made her debut as a rapper. To be compared to her was something that Dreezy never thought would be possible in her career.

She loves her fans

Dreezy has a number of active social media accounts, and many of them show off her love for her fans. She is never afraid to stop and pose for a photo with them, and she’s happy that they love her so much. She knows that her success is dependent on how they feel about her, so she tries hard to make them as happy as she can.

She appreciates patience

Dreezy might be young still, but she recognizes something very important in life; patience. She knows that when you have to wait on things, they’re usually the good things. She’s not afraid to admit that you have to work hard and plan for success. That’s where patience comes into play. That’s big for someone growing up in a right now generation.

She thinks people don’t believe in real love right now

At this particular moment in time, Dreezy feels that there’s no real love in the world. She is of the impression that people don’t have any real love because they spend their time too guarded and too upset about everything else and they cannot focus on real life. She’s not trying to have that in her own life, so she’s working on focusing on her music and waiting for the world to catch up to her.

She recognizes the fake people in the world

I have to tell you that at 22 I thought I knew it all. I didn’t, but I’m impressed by this woman who is a decade younger than me. She’s not perfect, and she doesn’t know it all, but she’s wise beyond her years in recognizing that people who wish her well don’t always mean it. She’s also got enough class to thank them for their kind words even when doesn’t mean it, either.

She’s mixed about technology

In looking up a few things on Dreezy’s twitter page, we noticed she’s got the same opinion as the rest of the world when she comments that technology is both stupid and smart at the same time. She’s right. It’s not all that impressive at the same time it is. I can use my watch to make phone calls, respond to text messages and check the weather, but I can’t get service when I go into my back yard.

She believes all days are new days for a new change

What I love most about morning is the fresh smell of ambition, the newness and the beginning of something that has the potential to be amazing. Dreezy loves that every morning is a perfect opportunity to wake up and make decisions that are more amazing than they were in the past. She knows she can be a new person in the morning, and we love that about her. She’s wise enough to realize she’s not confined to be the same person today she was yesterday.

She’s going to stay real

If there is one thing that Dreezy wants to make sure of as she grows up, gets better at what she does and continues to kill it in the rap game, it’s that she stays real. She has no desire to be anyone else, and she has no desire to want to be anyone she is not. She’s working hard to maintain her personality, stay true to herself and still do what she wants to do the successful way. We’re willing to bet you’ll never see her sell herself out to make a quick buck.

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