10 Things You Didn’t Know about Melanie Lynskey

Melanie Lynskey is a New Zealander born actress. Some people might recognize her because of the character Rose on Two and a Half Men. However, it is important to note that she has appeared in a wide range of other projects as well. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Melanie Lynskey:

1. Born in New Plymouth

Lynskey was born in a city called New Plymouth, which can be found in the Taranaki region of New Zealand. Said city is named for the English port of Plymouth. Something that can be explained by the fact that the first English settlers in the region came from said port.

2. Melanie Comes from Greek

Melanie is a variation of the Greek name Melania, which means “blackness.” While Melanie had been introduced to England by the Normans, it wasn’t particularly popular in English-speaking countries until the release of Gone with the Wind, which featured the character Melanie Hamilton.

3. Lynskey Comes from an Irish Background

Lynskey is one of those names with multiple origins. For example, it can be an Anglicization of Linski, which is a Polish habitational name. Likewise, it can be an Anglicization of O Loingsigh, which comes from a Gaelic word meaning “mariner,” as well as a descendant of the Norman name de Lench, which started seeing use when the Anglo-Normans took over Ireland. For what it is worth, Lynskey’s family comes from an Irish background.

4. Interested in Acting in School

Regardless, Lynskey seems to have been interested in acting when she was in school. For example, she participated in school plays. However, Lynskey was more serious than most, seeing as how she had her professional debut when she was still at the age of 17.

5. Cast in Heavenly Creatures

For those who are curious, Lynskey was cast as Pauline Parker in a New Zealander movie called Heavenly Creatures, which was based on the infamous Parker-Hulme murder case that happened in 1954. Hundreds and hundreds of girls had auditioned for the pivotal role before Lynskey, but she was the one who secured it because of what was called her “quiet intensity.”

6. Shared Her Debut with Kate Winslet

Speaking of Heavenly Creatures, it is interesting to note that was the professional debut for Kate Winslet as well. At the time, critics offered the director Peter Jackson much praise for finding not just Kate Winslet but also Melanie Lynskey, who were able to perform their roles well in spite of their relative inexperience. In more modern times, Lynskey has commented on working with Winslet as well as Jackson as being a valuable learning experience for her.

7. In First Movie Funded Via Crowdfunding

It is interesting to note that Lynskey has had a long, fruitful relationship with indie movies. For instance, she played a part in the first movie to have been made using crowdfunding, which was Foreign Correspondents in 1997.

8. Broke Into Mainstream with Ever After

Eventually, Lynskey managed to break into the mainstream because of Ever After, which was a curious reinterpretation of Cinderella that imagined it as a piece of historical fiction set in Renaissance France. In it, Lynskey played Jacquieline de Ghent, who was one of the two step-sisters of Drew Barrymore’s Cinderella but notable in that she was the one who treated Cinderella with any kindness at all. As a result, Lynskey’s character escaped punishment but was instead rewarded in the story with good living conditions as well as a good marriage to another character of high position.

9. Played Rose on Two and a Half Men

Chances are good that a lot of people will recognize Lynskey because of Rose on Two and a Half Men, which was a very popular sitcom in its time. Initially, Lynskey’s role wasn’t supposed to be more than a guest character, but she proved to be popular enough as well as memorable enough that she continued to make appearances until the very end. Amusingly, this meant that Lynskey continued to be on the show even after Charlie Sheen had been booted out.

10. Acts Based on Instinct

Lynskey has stated that since she is untrained, she acts based on her instincts. As a result, she has been known to push for changes when she gets a character whose actions seem off to her instincts.

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