10 Things You Didn’t Know about Eden Sassoon

eden sassoon

It looks like there is a new lady in Beverly Hills, and she’s going to spice things up for the real housewives. Every season we see a new face or two, sometimes we see an old face go for good, and we always hope that there are a few new ladies in the series that make our day. Last season we were overjoyed when Erika Girardi joined the cast; she brings a fresh face, some serious amazingness and what about those amazing good looks? She’s a perfect member to the cast, the ladies seem to mostly like her and she fits right in; even though we think she might be entirely cooler than the rest of the cast put together. Now we get to see that Eden Sassoon is being introduced, and you might know a little about her already. I mean, we all know you recognize her last name.

She’s a hair care heir

See what I did there? Honestly, that might be my favorite. Eden Sassoon has a famous name because she is the daughter of a famous man. Her father is the late Vidal Sassoon, the man who made shampoo and conditioner and hair care his entire life. She grew up with the man of all men in her life, and she knows a thing or two about not only business but about hair, too.

She’s friends with Lisa Rinna

When Eden Sassoon realized she would become part of the hit reality show, she was already sort of friends with Lisa Rinna. They had some mutual friends and had met once or twice, but they’d not really gotten to know one another. We hear, however, that she’s become good friends with the other reality star and they really did hit it off in life.

Her family is friends of the Vanderpumps

Before her father died, he spent a lot of time at the restaurants owned by Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken. We don’t know if Eden Sassoon is friendly with the Vanderpumps, but we know that her father did have at least a friendly business relationship with them as a frequent guest in their restaurants. We like that there might be a bit of history there.

She thinks she’s a bad you-know-what

Eden Sassoon has always had a lot of confidence, and she’s always thought she’s one tough cookie. She thought she was pretty awesome and unflappable, but she does know that this is a group of women with a reputation for being pretty much the same, and she thinks that they are pretty amazing herself. She knows she does not stand out in the crowd with these ladies in her life.

She’s 43

Of course she looks amazing, and we think it’s because she is the daughter of a man who knew all about hair. She’s got a love of exercise and clean eating, and she does take care of herself. That helps in keeping up the good looks when you are getting a bit older.

She’s a business woman

Eden Sassoon does have some interest in her father’s company, but she really does focus her time on running her own successful businesses. She has a hair salon and a pilates studio of her own. It’s difficult to say which one she prefers, but we have a feeling it’s the pilates studio since she spends so much time working out and staying in shape. Either way, both are hugely successful and she does well in business.

She’s sober

Eden Sassoon does not drink. She is entirely sober and she has a reputation for being such. She does not imbibe at all, so it might be interesting to see how she fits in with a group of women who drink excessively at times. Perhaps she would have been a nice addition to the show when Kim Richards was still part of the cast so that she could have offered her a helping hand in the sobriety department.

She’s a strong woman

If there is one thing we can say about Eden Sassoon, it’s that she is a strong woman. She’s been making it on her own for a long time, and she never lets her father’s fame define her. Instead, she makes sure she is able to define herself and take care of herself. She’s allowed her father’s business to be a part of her life, but she’s also taking it to a new level with businesses of her own that have nothing to do with him, and she’s okay with that.

She’s a problem solver

Eden Sassoon does not believe in focusing on the negatives of life. She is an optimistic person and a problem solver, and she feels that the past is the past and it’s no longer important. She wants to be sure that the future is where it’s at and that she can get through to everyone that the past needs to be let go. Of course, the women she is working with now seem to have a very different idea about life. They like to rehash the past as often as possible, and we know that can’t be good for any of them.

She’s funny

Eden Sassoon is a woman who might have a pretty killer sense of humor. If you take a few moments to look over her social media pages, you will see that she has no problem making fun of herself, making fun of her ex-husband, and so forth. Of course, we also get the feeling that she and her ex might not be on particularly bad terms considering the fact that she teases him on social media but with photos of their son. Perhaps they have a friendly relationship that allows them to do that for their son. Either way, we like that she’s light and fun and that she puts her kid first and foremost in her life. It works for us, if our opinion on the subject matters at all.

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