10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline Laurita

She’s back, and she is better than ever; of course we are talking about Jacqueline Laurita of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. She’s the ex-best friend of Theresa Giudice, the reality star who recently came home from spending almost a year in prison for a number of counts of fraud and financial issues. She was one of the original Jersey housewives, but took some time off when she realized that she did not like the person she was becoming. Over the years, we’ve seen Jacqueline go through it all; her young son being diagnosed with Autism and the struggles they face with him, a life of financial freedom turned into a life of financial struggling, fights with her family and friends, and a daughter who went from being awful to her to becoming her best friend.

She has certainly been through the ringer the past few years, but she is a strong woman with strong values; and she’s not letting that get in her way. She’s carrying herself around with her head held high and her confidence intact, and we are proud of the fact that she always handles herself with such class and dignity – for the most part. Now that she is back, we thought we might see if there is anything we still don’t know about one of our most beloved housewives.

She’s about to be a grandmother

Her daughter, Ashlee, is 25 and just announced she is expecting her first child. Jac might have had her issues with her daughter in the past, but she is so excited for her daughter to welcome a baby of her own in the near future. So far, we don’t know what she is going to have as far as the baby’s sex is concerned or when she’s due.

She’s going to have a fun name

Don’t expect Jacqueline Laurita to go by any traditional names when she is a grandmother. In fact, she has already expressed her excitement over the fact that she is going to be a Glamma and she is looking forward to it like you would not believe. We have no doubt she will be quite glam in her endeavors, and that she will enjoy her new role in life.

She suffered PPD

We still live in a world where not that many people believe in the real problem that is Postpartum Depression. Jacqueline Laurita, however, suffered from it in a major way. She was in a bad place in her life, and she ended up causing a lot of problems with her husband’s family at the time, though she has since been cured of her depression and has been able to regain control of her emotions and her feelings. It’s been a decade since then, plus some.

She was a young mom

We knew that her daughter, Ashley, was not her husband’s, but we had no idea she was only 19 when she gave birth. I guess it makes sense when you take into consideration how young she is and looks to have a daughter in her mid-20s.

She got out of a bad marriage

Now, we don’t know that her former husband was bad to Jacqueline Laurita, but we do know that he and his current wife are in some serious legal trouble. Back in 2012, he and his wife (Matt and Jodi Holmes) were involved in a scandal that involved the FBI when they were accused for insurance fraud, money laundering and even arson. It was a big scandal and the two were in a lot of trouble. From what we can tell, she and her ex got along just fine in later years, but we aren’t sure about the early years of their divorce and their marriage.

She does makeup professionally

I never knew that Jacqueline Laurita is actually a licensed cosmetologist. That means she can do your makeup and make you gorgeous. She was licensed more than two decades ago, and that’s actually what she did for a living before she met her husband and became a stay-at-home mom.

She and Chris met while she was modeling

Did you know that following her divorce, she was living in Las Vegas with her daughter who was 5 at the time? She was a hairdresser and she was modeling, and that included a trip to Chicago to model at a trade show. That’s where she met Chris, who was with his brother who knew one of the other models. The two hit it off immediately and went on a date. However, they lived on opposite sides of the country  when they began their relationship.

She and Chris had a long distance relationship

From 1996 until 2001 when Chris asked Jac to marry him, the two were involved in a long distance relationship. Most of those who spend that many years apart from one another do not make it, but these two managed to make their relationship work before they got engaged and got married, and now they’re living their own personal happily ever after with one another.

She’s been in legal trouble

Back in 2009, it was reported that this couple was in trouble for defrauding creditors and their bank accounts and business, and their homes were both in foreclosure at the time. They are millions of dollars in debt and they are working hard to get out of their financial mess and get their lives together, though she has always stated it’s their autistic son’s medical bills that pushed them over the edge. Legal documents state it’s more like their lavish lifestyle that has them in financial trouble.

She’s an author

Did you know that Jac wrote a book? She co-authored a book titled “Get it! A Beauty, Style and Wellness Guide to Getting Your “IT’ Together,” with a friend by the name of Jene Luciani. The two shared all their favorite beauty recommendations, tips, tricks and advice with all the women in the world who want to be fabulous and put together and gorgeous all the time.

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