10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jennifer Nettles

Jennifer Nettles

Jennifer Nettles might not have the most famous name in the world, but she’s a famous face. She doesn’t go by her name in her very famous career, which is why people are more apt to recognize her in person than they are to recognize her based on her name alone. She is part of the very famous band called Sugarland, which is why you are now nodding your head in realization, wondering why you did not pick that up before. She’s the kind of woman you feel you really get to know based on her beautiful voice and her lyrics. She opens up her heart to everyone who listens to her music, and that makes us feel as if we really do know Jennifer Nettles better than anyone else, even if it takes a moment to place her name.

The truth, though, is that we do not know her. We like to think that we do, but most of her life remains a mystery to us thanks to the fact that she does such an amazing job of keeping her private life private. That makes us want to get to know more about her, and we think you might agree with that if you get a say.

She’s a Georgia girl

This probably does not come as much of a surprise to be quite honest. She’s a country girl who sings country music, so you do have to assume she came somewhere from the south – stereotypical as that might be. She was born and raised in a very small town in Georgia called Douglas. She loves her small town and all that it stands for, and she’s happy to spend time there on her own.

She’s southern Baptist

When you’re born and raised in the south, you’re born and raised in a church. It does not matter which church, where you go or how you feel about your religion in terms of the details; you go to church. She’s a southern Baptist at heart, and that’s not a big surprise either.

She was in the 4-H

Another one of those fun facts about those are raised in the south is that they are part of some sort of 4-H club or some sort of FFA club. Jennifer Nettles was part of the 4-H Club as a child, and it’s something that holds fond memories for her. She’s likely going to encourage her own children to take part in something like this, too, so that she can provide them the same type of happy childhood she so enjoyed.

She studied sociology

When Jennifer Nettles graduated from high school, she went to college. It’s what you do. She attended Agnes Scott College in Decatur. She was a great student who really did lover her time there, and she studied sociology because it was something that really did make her feel good about going to school.

She also studied anthropology

While in college in Georgia, Jennifer Nettles had a minor. She was a sociology major, but she made the decision to minor in anthropology. The subject simply fascinated her and she was drawn to it in a way that made her feel she needed to study it. Even though she does not use that education in any way right now, she’s glad she’s got it in her past.

Sugarland is not her first group

Jennifer Nettles is famous because she is part of the very successful trio, Sugarland. However, this is not her first go in the country music world, nor is it the first time she’s been part of a group. She was actually a part of two other groups that were successful in their own right, but nowhere near as successful as she is today.

She dated her husband for two years

Some people have forgotten that Jennifer Nettles was married for a few years before she met her current husband. She was divorced when she met Justin Miler, and they dated for two years before they made the decision to tie the knot. They’ve now been married for a few years, and they are quite happy with one another. Their wedding was in 2011 and it was a small one. They did not want a big affair, or a lot of people in attendance. They just wanted to be there with one another and to make the day all about them.

She’s a mom

She does not make it public that she’s a mother on a regular basis. She is a normal mom who wants her son to have a quiet life away from the press and certainly not in the paper or the internet all the time. He was born in 2012, and he is a sweet baby she keeps very close to her heart and away from the flashing cameras that she seems to find wherever she goes.

She didn’t go on a honeymoon right away

Jennifer Nettles is not the kind of woman who can usually just pick up and go. She is a busy woman with a busy career, and that sometimes means she has to do things like go to work instead of go on a honeymoon. She wanted to take one with her new husband, but she wasn’t able to right away thanks to the fact that she had to get married and then get right back to work. They eventually had one, but Justin Miller learned very quickly that sometimes things like marriage are not as prevalent to Jennifer Nettles as her career.

Her ex calls her a wild child

When she was married to Todd Van Sickle for almost a decade until 2007, he said it was her inner wild child that led him to become attracted to her. Sadly, he later announced that it was the same thing that ultimately led to the demise of their marriage. It didn’t go the way either of them had hoped, and it meant that they would divorce and spend their life with other people.

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