10 Things You Didn’t Know about Simon Quarterman

Simon Quarterman

Simon Quarterman a 38 year old, British born actor, born November 14, 1977. Simon is still kind of a newcomer to the US film industry but has been getting noticed and has already landed some big roles in thriller movies and TV shows, one of which was the popular HBO series, Westworld and the movie, The Devil Inside. Simon attended the Central School of Speech and Drama and left in 1999 to start his journey as an actor.

What he found was it was much harder to get work than he thought, until he landed one big role that not only gave his acting career a jump-start, but it brought him to America where he immediately felt right at home. One film that he says stands out in his career so far, is the film low budget horror film, Estranged, because not only did he play a role in the film, but he played a big role in the birth of the idea, which lead him to receive the title of associate producer for the film as well.

Here are 10 things you may not know about Simon Quarterman:

1. Drama School

Simon Quarterman attended the Central School of Speech and Drama in London, England. He left in 1999 to start his journey on building his acting career but soon found out that his journey to get noticed would not only be tough, but it would take him longer than he thought and to another country before he’d get his big break.

2. Debut

Simon’s debut role was as Duncan in the 2000 small screen dramedy series, Down to Earth which was a film about a young couple and their everyday struggles after they moved to a farm. It was a meager beginning but it got him started in film. His next role was a supporting role during the 4th season of the long-running Midsomer Murders series.

3. One-and-done roles

Simon spent 2007 doing one-and-done roles. This means that he had a string of one-shot appearances on different shows but no long running roles on any. He was still waiting for his break where his work and talent would be recognized so that he could land bigger, more noticeable parts.

4. Scorpion King 2

What brought Simon to America? It was The Scorpion King 2 that lead him here; it brought him to LA. The Scorpion King started filming in 2007 in Cape Town South Africa. Simon considers this movie the one that opened the door to other roles but wasn’t quite the big break. He talks about The Scorpion King 2 as being a beautiful experience because once Paramount picked it up, it spring-boarded him forward in his career.

5. The big break

It was a sequel to the 2002 movie, Rise of the Big Warrior, The Scorpion King 2 that finally got Simon Quarterman noticed. It wasn’t exactly a critic pleaser, but it got him noticed by audiences worldwide and was the role that opened the door to his next project, The Devil Inside. The Devil Inside was filmed in 4 different locations and although it didn’t exactly get great reviews, it was enough to keep Simon’s career moving toward his next project.

6. Estranged

Simon was a big part of the birth of the movie, Estranged. He and several fellow actors were sitting around throwing out some ideas for a movie that originally was called, January. Because he had just finished shooting The Devil Inside and working with executive producer, Steven Schneider, he wanted to introduce him to his fellow actors and get him on board. It worked, and because Simon had made the introduction, he was boosted from just an actor playing a part, to associate producer of Estranged. This film brought on a new and interesting experience in film making for Simon. It was the first time that he actually lived in the same quarters as the film was shot. He said living full time with his cast mates brought them all together quickly and formed a tight bond with them.

7. Movie that brought his largest audience to date?

The Devil Inside is the movie that has drawn it Simon Quarterman’s biggest audience to date. He claims that it was the relentless campaigning for the movie that drew them in even though both audience goers and critics did not care for the movie or give it good reviews being that it plotted the same, tired exorcism theme. But in the end, the plot didn’t matter because again, it was just one of the steps in the process of getting noticed and having another career door open, which it did, for Simon Quarterman. His doors have continued to open and he has gradually become a more recognized actor here in the US.

8. Most recognized parts?

So, with all the parts Simon Quarterman has played, whether big or small and whether they were big critic pleasers, which parts is he most known for? Simon is most often associated with his roles in The Scorpion King 2, and Rise of a Warrior, and now West World on HBO. He’s thrilled to be a regular on a show now and says that he’s finally found his home.

9. Dating, married or single?

According to records found, Simon Quarterman is still single. Although many celebrities try to keep their personal life hush -hush when it comes to the tabloids, it doesn’t appear that he is currently attached to any one person. If he is, it may not be serious, or he just may not be letting it out of the bag yet.

10. Simon Quarterman Net Worth

Simon is still finding his place in Hollywood and working his way up and gaining recognition for all his works in HBO series and films. He is working on building his net worth but is already doing well. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Simon Quarterman has been said to be worth $3 million. As Simon continues to build his career and get more movies under his belt, he will be building his net worth and at this rate, if he continues getting noticed and landing good roles, he will be well on his way to building a sizeable net worth.

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