10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kate Chastain

Kate Chastain

Kate Chastain is one of the stars of the hit reality show Below Deck, but we know surprisingly little about the blonde Chief Stew. She does her job, she’s good at it, and she makes for good television when we see her. She can bring the drama when the drama is needed, leave it alone when it pertains to her job, and she’s good at making her guests feel that they are the most important people in the world when they are on her ship. However, she’s someone who has a life of her own outside the life of luxury yachting, and we have to wonder whether or not she is as nice as she is to her guests in the real world. She’s not exactly perfect, because none of us is, but she’s also someone we’d love to learn more about.

She’s bisexual

Not everyone is aware of the fact that Kate Chastain is not a straight woman. She has a girlfriend, and she’s very openly lesbian in her real life. She does not, however, really admit to that much when she’s on the open seas with her guests. She likes to keep her personal life personal and leave it to the imagination whether she prefers men or women in the real world.

She has a record

Earlier in 2016, Kate Chastain was actually arrested for domestic battery against her girlfriend. The world woke up to mugshots of the reality star looking pretty rough after her girlfriend accused her of kicking her out of the house and abusing her at the same time. She was accused of biting her, kicking her and beating her up when the girlfriend refused to leave the house when Chastain asked her to get lost.

She was arrested for attempted strangulation

In the same incident, Kate Chastain was arrested for attempting to strangle her girlfriend. It’s a serious charge because strangling someone can kill them. She was accused of putting her girlfriend on the ground and holding her hands around her neck in an effort to get her to stop breathing. It was something that the rest of the world found shocking, but we don’t know if the personal issues will be worked out or not.

Her girlfriend is her first

When Kate Chastain opened up about dating another woman earlier this year, she admitted to the press that she was just as surprised as the rest of the world to fall for another woman. She said she’d never been attracted to women in the past, and that the experience was one that shocked her just as much as it seemed to shock the rest of the world. I assume it probably shocked everyone even more when she was arrested for beating her up, but that’s a different story.

She doesn’t like labels

If there is one thing that Kate Chastain does not care for, it’s labels. She is not a lesbian, she is not bisexual. She says she doesn’t think that she would date another woman after her girlfriend, so she’s not interested in labeling herself as she does not feel that it makes a difference in her life in any way, shape or form. She’s just who she is and that is that.

Her ex approved of her girlfriend

She was going to spend some time with her ex-boyfriend one night when she confided in him that a woman was coming onto her, and she was surprised when he was all right with it. He told her to go for it and to see where things ended up. We all know now that things did not end up too well after what happened between them, but she seemed to give it a shot when she had the opportunity.

She does not care for people who are not professional

If there is one thing that Kate Chastain does not care for, it’s people who are unprofessional and not good at their jobs. She believes that the job comes first and that everyone needs to put aside their personal differences at any given moment to always ensure that the job is done properly. She has no patience for those who cannot make that happen.

She’s not a fan of her former costars

When Kate and Leon Walker worked together, she was not his biggest fan. She could put aside her dislike for him so that they could work together and serve their guests, but she was not a fan. She could not stand the way that he was unable to do his job, that he could not be professional and that he was a jerk to people. She’s also not afraid to open up about how much dislikes him, either.

She wasn’t arrested right away

When she was arrested for allegedly assaulting her girlfriend, it was not right away. Allegedly, it was a few days after the alleged incident took place, and after her girlfriend showed up to work with marks all over her arms. She has not addressed the incident as far as what happened, but she did state that she was shocked to have police show up at her door and arrest her for doing something to someone she had not even seen in a few days. She did not even bother to address the rumors; she told the world that if need be, her attorneys would come out with the story but that she was not dignifying the accusations with a response.

She has a new dog

Kate Chastain decided that the best way to deal with her heartbreak is to get a dog. She ended up adopting a 1-year-old Maltese Yorkie mix she loves the dog, and she has nothing to do but just enjoy the fact that the dog is already trained and already loving. She says it is the best thing she’s ever done for herself, and she’s very happy that somehow all the horrible things that happened to her over the summer allowed her to find some positive in her life at that point.

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