10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kayla Brianna

kayla brianna

Kayla Brianna is someone you might recognize by her face more so than her name, but that’s all about to change. The R&B singer is a gold mine of talent, and she’s making waves in Hollywood. She’s been in the game since 2012, but it seems that she’s finally about to breakthrough as an everyday name thanks to her talent and the fact that her fans are talking about her now more than ever before. She’s talented, she’s gorgeous and she’s someone worth getting to know. That’s why we’re going to introduce you. You’re welcome for that, by the way.

She’s got a famous father

Kayla Brianna might be working hard to make it in Hollywood on her own, but she’s not exactly a stranger to the high life. She’s been raised in a world where stars, celebrities and big money are prevalent since she is the daughter of famous basketball player Kenny Smith. He’s got to NBA Championships of his own under this belt, and his kids know what it’s like to live a famous life.

She’s worked with some big names

There are always going to be those who assume that just because you aren’t headlining your own tour or performing at the VMAs or the Grammys or the Super Bowl that you’re not anyone worth taking note of, but that’s not the case with Kayla Brianna. She’s young, but she’s already worked with some very famous faces and names, and she’s proud of it. She’s collaborated so far with people such as Meek Mill, whom you might know for being involved in a relationship with the famous rapper Nicki Minaj. In addition, she’s also been on tour with some other very famous names. She’s working her way into the industry.

She’s one of four kids

Having four kids is a tough job for anyone to have. Trust me; I know firsthand being the mother of four myself. Our sweet kids were intended to be numbered at 3, but God decided that baby number three should actually be twins and we should have four kids. It is a lot of work, it is a lot of fun, and we would not trade it for anything in the world (most days, anyway) and we have a feeling that Kayla Brianna had a lot of fun growing up with three siblings. They’re built in best friends, after all. There’s no time to find yourself bored or without any fun to be had when there is always someone to play with.

She’s still young

Kayla Brianna is still a young singer. She was born in May of 1993, so she’s only 23-years-old. What’s more impressive is that she’s been in the business since 2012. That means she got her start in the game when she was only 19. A lot of people do that, but it takes a lot of patience and dedication. It’s a great indicator that she’s ambitious.

Half her siblings are half-siblings

Kayla Brianna might have three siblings, but only one of them is her full siblings. We do not, however, imagine she views her other siblings as half. Her father was once married to Dawn Reavis, and she is Kayla Brianna and KJ Smith’s mother. When they divorced, her father remarried and had two children with his current wife.

Her stepmom is a model

Kayla Brianna’s stepmother has the coolest job around. She’s a model on “The Price is Right,” which is something I think we all considered trying to do with our lives at least once growing up when the show was on and we’d watch. I mean, you get paid to wear fun dresses, smile and wave your arms around to show off the things that people might win? It seems like a piece of cake, right? Her step mom is Gwendolyn Osborne, if you know her.

School is important to Kayla

Now that she’s older and no longer in school, her life is a bit different. However, she was still a student when she began to chase her dreams as a singer, and she had to make sure she did not take too much time away from her studies. She knows the value of a good education, and she was not willing to forgo her own to make music. She was good about making sure the two were able to exist together without making too many sacrifices.

She considers herself creative

We’d have to agree with Kayla Brianna on this one. The people who make it in the entertainment industry are creative types. They are the kind of people who are good at what they do, but they are creative minds. This usually means that they focus on the creative aspect of life more so than any other, and they usually have the best minds. Being creative is a lot of work, and it often means you don’t have the care or focus for anything outside your realm of creativity.

She’s always wanted to be a singer

Kayla Brianna has always known what she wanted to do with her life, and that’s amazing. She told her father when she was only 14 that she was going to be a singer and that was that. There was no room for error, for back up or for anything that did not attest to the fact that singing is what she’d do with her life. She was confident, self-assured and she was on her A-game about the entire thing.

Her dad had to call his dad

When Kayla Brianna told her father she was going to be a singer and looked for his support, he was shocked and worried about such a big industry. He had to call his own father for advice on what to do; and his father told him he felt the same way when Kenny Smith told him he was going to play basketball. He took the words to heart and supports his daughter 100% in her career efforts every moment of the day.

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