10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kurt Metzger

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Humorous people are the best kind of people, which is precisely why we loved Kurt Metzger. The comedian has been in the spotlight for a few years now, but he’s making waves every single day with his hilarious antics and his ability to make us laugh no matter what kind of mood we might be in at the moment. Unfortunately, he made some pretty unflattering, unkind and just plain awful comments recently in 2016 about the rape culture, and it’s caused a lot of controversy; as well as a shift in our feelings for him. He’s since come out in support of rape victims, but his initial comments about the subject came out a lot like he might not be entirely for those who have been victimized.

When another prominent comedian was accused of raping several women recently, Kurt Metzger came out on Facebook and posted a long rant about how it must be true that this comedian violated these women because they “Said so,” and that “all woman are as reliable as my bible,” among other unflattering comments. Essentially, he came across as a jerk, and as someone who has zero respect from any woman on the planet at this moment in time, as well as many men. If you haven’t read his Facebook post yet, I wouldn’t recommend it. It only serves to anger you, to make your skin crawl and to make you want to call him some unflattering names. Since we have class, we prefer not to stoop to his level. Instead, we thought we’d share with you a few things you might not already know about him – even though you probably don’t care much about him at all at this point.

He’s been molested

We are horrified that a man who has been molested would accuse women of lying about their own experience with rape. When he was only 21, he was molested by a woman who wanted more copies of his paperwork, according to his online bio. Would he lie about something like that, or did he expect everyone to believe him when he came out with that information? I firmly believe he wanted to be believed when he shared that news with his family, which is why his recent comments are even more atrocious.

He worked for Amy Schumer

Kurt Metzger is a writer for Inside Amy Schumer, and he’s been a friend and coworker of the comedian for a long time. There was some thought that perhaps she would fire him after she read his post and after the way it made her look for being associated with him, and she did exactly that. He’s still gainfully employed; then again, it is a free country and he is entitled to his opinion – even if some opinions should not be splashed all over the internet mocking victims.

He’s not afraid of controversy

This is not the first time that Kurt Metzger has been involved in a controversy, but this is probably the one that is the worst. While many will state that too many people are too easily offended, we firmly believe rape is not something to joke about. There are women in the world who never come forward precisely because they don’t feel that anyone will believe them; and these comments and this attitude is what makes that seem so true.

Amy Schumer claims she did not fire him

We don’t know what happened after all this went down, but we do know that Amy Schumer states she did not fire her friend. Current speculation states that perhaps the network fired him, but there is also a rumor going around that the show was suddenly cancelled recently.

He was a Jehovah’s Witness

Growing up, Kurt Metzger was raised in a religious household. His family raised him in the faith as their belief, and he was one of the people who went around door-to-door asking people to join their faith and become part of their belief.

He left the religion at 31

It’s only been 8 years since he decided he no longer wanted to be part of his religious belief anymore, and we are not surprised. As a comedian, we believe it might not be all that simple to also have this kind of religion to answer to each day.

He’s a reality star

You know the show Last Comic Standing? Kurt Metzger was a finalist on the show back in 2015. He did not win, but he was given the award of ‘best joke’ during his season. Why he needed to be part of a reality show, though, is something we don’t quite understand when he already had a fairly respectable career going for him.

He’s always loved comedy

Kurt Metzger has always had a love affair with comedy. He’s watched it his entire life, he’s appreciated it as long as he can remember, and some of his favorite shows growing up were comedy shows. He knew from an early age that he wanted to pursue something like this, even though he took his time and actually had some other careers before he decided to pursue comedy.

He’s an ordained minister

When Kurt Metzger was only 17, he was already an ordained minister. We don’t know how serious he was about pursuing a career in ministry, but being ordained at 17 is a pretty big deal. Perhaps it was something his family wanted for him, perhaps it was something he wanted for himself at that point in his life. We are not entirely certain either way, but we do know he was ordained as a teen.

He keeps his private life private

Unless he’s making rants on his social media accounts, it turns out that Kurt Metzger is someone who likes to keep his personal life pretty personal. It’s not easy to find information about him that’s overly personal, such as his relationship status or whether or not he has any kids. We don’t even know much about his parents or if he’s an only child.

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