10 Things You Didn’t Know about Luke Pell

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There are so many men and women in the Bachelor franchise it’s difficult to keep them all together at times. However, Luke Pell should be a name you recognize almost immediately if you watched the most recent series. He’s the man who was slated to take on the job of becoming the new man all the ladies are set to fight over, but it turns out that he was passed up. The 31-year-old man is still single and looking to find love, as he was looking for it with JoJo Fletcher, but it appears he will not find it on national television. Well, he might find it next summer as we have a feeling he might show up in Paradise to try and find love once again. He seems nice enough, so it might happen. Either way, he’s reacted to the news that he is not the new man on the hit reality series The Bachelor, and his reaction was fabulous. Now we want to know more. Ladies, are you paying attention?

He looked to God when he wasn’t chosen

A lady loves a man who loves God. When it was announced that he would not become the next bachelor to look for love in front of millions, he simply tweeted about it. He said, “Trust God’s timing. He has a plan for everything,” which is my own favorite daily reminder. Ladies, stop swooning.

JoJo wanted him to be the next man to find love

The man said to her that he loves her, and she sent him packing. We know it was not an easy decision for her, and she did find love with someone else. However, the world was so unhappy when she sent him home that she feels he would make the best possible new man of the hour. She thought the other men in the running were good choices, too, but she was really a huge fan of Luke Pell. Too bad for her, yet again, right?

People are angry

There are a lot of people angry that he is not the next bachelor, but there are also a lot of people who are not that unhappy. Those are the women who realize that he’s still single and he might not find love in the next few months. That means they can all see if they can find love with him. It looks like these women are looking for the silver lining and finding it where they want it.

He has a lot of friends

We have a feeling that the big reason that JoJo didn’t choose him on her season was that he seems to have friends everywhere he goes. He lives in a small town in Texas and he seems to feel that everyone that lives in that town is a close and personal friend. He did invite them all to a party to meet her, without actually telling her that he’d invited them. It was a low blow for her, but she did a good job of pretending she was all right with it. You’ll note he went home after that.

He seems to really enjoy himself

Luke Pell is a man that the world fell in love with, but we think he might be a little bit in love with himself as well. Don’t quote us on this one, but the man does have a lot of photos of himself on his Instagram page, which seems almost strange in a way that we cannot explain. I mean, he’s got a modeling pose of himself on his page and his caption is that he can thank his grandfather for teaching him to boil water. There isn’t even water in the photo.

He loves his sister

Luke Pell seems to really love his sister, Abbie Sue. He has photos of her all over the place and even hashtags her as sister goals. I like that he loves his sister, but she does not appear nearly as happy as he does to be in his photos with him. Perhaps she’d rather live a quieter life and a reality star brother isn’t the way to go about doing that. We don’t know; she might be happier than she looks.

He’s a war vet

You might know this if you watched the show, but it might be the only real thing we know about him. He did serve our country, and perhaps he has no other career outside that? We think he might be a farmer. He could be a songwriter if you look at his social media bios, but we just don’t know. There are so many different things he likes to say he is, but we do know for certain this is a man who put his life in jeopardy to fight for our country, and that deserves some serious respect.

He feels he has a lot of patience

We are pretty sure he might have a lot of patience after watching him on national television as he was dumped unceremoniously after his hometown date. He seems to be one of the most patient men we’ve seen on the show, and he is not wrong in stating that patience is one of his strongest traits and biggest attributes.

He’s a fan of love

If you want to know a little something about Luke Pell, you should know that he will do anything for love. He has stated that he is the type of man who will do anything for love because he wants to make the woman in his life happy. He wants to take part in things she loves, he wants to be a team player and he wants to make her happy. That’s a good start, I’ll tell you that. Happy wife, happy life.

Don’t mention your ex

Luke Pell is not a fan of hearing about his new ladies exes. He is not someone who wants to know any of that right away. Unless he asks, people, don’t mention it. Ladies, are you listening to this? He doesn’t want to hear about your baggage; so put it away.

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