10 Things You Didn’t Know about Michelle Gayle

michelle gayle

Michelle Gayle had a lot of fame in the 90s as an R&B singer, and she hasn’t quite left the spotlight just yet. You might not recognize her name because she was and is most famous in the United Kingdom as a star. However, she was able to succeed enough to have 7 of her songs hit the Top 40 charts at the height of her career, and that is nothing to laugh at. Of course, her biggest hits were 22 and 19 years ago, respectively, so she’s not exactly a huge star these days. That does not mean, however, that she’s not looking to make herself a name that people remember. She manages to keep her name in the spotlight, and we think she likes it like that.

She’s 45

Michelle Gayle was born on February 2, 1971. She’s currently 45 and loving her life in her 40s. We’ve heard that your 30s are the best years of your life, but then people turn forty and state that they only thought their 30s were the best years. It turns out that they then find their 40s to be the best years of their lives. Since we’re still in our 30s and thoroughly enjoying that, we’ll just take Michelle Gayle’s word for that one.

She’s also an actress

Before she was a famous R&B singer, Michelle Gayle was a famous actress. She’s had more than a dozen roles, and she began her acting career when she was only 16. It was 1987 and she took on the role with a vengeance and killed it as an actress. Her fame is mostly in the United Kingdom, of course, but she has a lot of fans and people seem to love her no matter how long she takes a break between her work these days.

She’s been someone very famous

Of all the roles she’s played on television, and she’s even got one on the hit UK series EastEnders, the most notable role she’s ever played is Belle in “Beauty and the Beast,” and she did a bang up job. She was good, and people really enjoyed it. Of course, there were always those who were not impressed with her role being an African woman who portrayed a historically white character. However, she showed them that she was out to do the job, and not to look a certain way. She was amazing.

She’s a reality star

When her acting career was stalled for a while, Michelle Gayle spent a few years competing for various prizes and reasons on reality television in the UK. She was on two or three reality shows, and some people said that it was then that she knew her fame was over and she was no longer an A-lister in the UK. Of course, we have to disagree. It seems to us that reality stars have become some of the most famous and biggest A-listers in the world these days. It all depends on who you ask.

She’s an author

She was unpublished for many years, but her book “Pride and Premiership,” was picked up by Walker Books back in 2010. They decided to buy the rights to her novel and publish it. It was published on May 5, 2011. We don’t think that it was a best seller by any means, but she did all right with her first attempt at writing, and that’s all that matters to some people. She’s done well for herself, and that’s important.

She’s got a big opinion

Michelle Gayle is a woman who has an opinion on just about every subject possible. She’s someone who is not afraid to admit it, either. She likes to say what’s on her mind and if you check out her social media pages, you’ll see that this is the truth. It seems almost as if no subject, no celebrity and no thought is off-limits for her when it comes to speaking her mind. That’s all right, though; fans love a singer/actress who keeps it real on social media.

She’s got two kids

Her oldest son is a  product of her former marriage. His name is Isaiah, and he was an only child for many years. She is very much in love with her oldest son, and she spends the bulk of her time with him. It was announced in 2011 that she’d given birth to a second son, but there is some speculation as to who the father of her child might be. She seems to keep that information very private and it’s not something that we were able to find. There are rumors, of course, but all we know is that his name is Luke and he will be 5 later in 2016.

She’s divorced

For a decade, Michelle Gayle was married to another famous face in the United Kingdom. His name is Mark Bright, and he played football (or soccer as we call it in the United States). They were married for ten years before they decided to call it quits. We don’t know what made them end their marriage, but there are always rumors.

She’s got a goddaughter

Michelle Gayle has a daughter of sorts. She is the godmother of her costar Jacqui Gordon-Lawrence’s daughter. What’s funny is that the actress who named Michelle Gayle her daughter’s godmother is actually the woman who plays Gayle’s onscreen mother in the hit show EastEnders. They are not that far apart in age, but that’s just how the world of acting goes at times.

She does not eat meat

One thing that Michelle Gayle likes to say attributes to her youthful appearance and her beauty is the fact that she does not eat meat. She’s a vegetarian who prefers to keep meat out of her home. The only thing we don’t know is whether or not she has been one her whole life or she only recently adopted that mindset. She also abstains completely from alcohol in her life, which is something we appreciate.

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