10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rosie Pierri


Are you as obsessed with Rosie Pierri as the rest of us? She, along with Joe Gorga, is probably the best part of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Those two are hilarious, amazing and just plain fun. Sure, the wives are fun – when they aren’t screaming at one another – but it’s Rosie who makes the show for us. She’s not featured nearly enough, and it probably has something to do with the fact that she doesn’t get along with the unofficial star of the show, Teresa Giudice. People might not agree that she’s the star, but she’s the one who managed to keep the show off the air for a solid year through her prison sentence when any other season would have gone on without any other star.

Rosie is amazing, and we just love her. We would love to see more of her on RHONJ, but for now we’ll just have to settle for hearing more about her from people like myself, who just adore her. Bravo, if you’re listening, we need more Rosie, mmmkay?

She’s all about loving God

She’s a fan of her religion, and she’s not afraid to point that out on television or her social media pages. Rosie Pierri believes in God, and she is not ashamed of her beliefs. She’s not shy about putting them out there for the world to see when so many other people are, and we love that about her. It’s just one more thing we think makes her amazing.

She’s financially secure

She might only have a net worth of $500,000, but that’s still a half million dollars. That’s a nice chunk of change in the bank, and it’s certainly nothing to sneer at. She’s got it going on as far and making sure she is financially stable, and we appreciate the fact that she takes care of herself and manages to make it work.

She works

Rosie Pierri is not your typical housewife who makes it her goal to marry wealthy and be with someone who cares for her. She works hard, too; she is a product manager for a company that manufactures products in New Jersey. She’s been with them for a while, and she’s worked her way up the ladder to where she is now. She’s not afraid of hard work or anything of that nature, and people like that about Rosie.

There’s family drama

We don’t know what the heck happened between Rosie and Teresa and Kathy, but we do know that Teresa does not speak to her cousins. They don’t quite get it, and they’re not sure what it is, but there is some speculation that it’s a lot to do with what happened with Melissa Gorga in the past. The rumor is that Teresa doesn’t like having her cousins on television with her, as she believes she is the star of the show and the most important cast member. We don’t know, but we think it might be the case.

She is close to her sister

Kathy Wakile is Rosie’s sister, and these two are very close. They have been close their entire lives, and Kathy is one who is very quick to defend her sister, watch out for her and remain close to her. Rosie loves her sister and her sister’s family, and she is quite close to her sister’s husband and her niece and nephew, and we are happy that they have one another in that aspect.

She’s funny

Rosie is funny. Of course, if you’ve ever seen her on television, you already know that. She did this thing earlier this summer where she photoshopped herself and her sister onto the RHONJ official photo and put it on the internet as a joke. Fans thought it was the official photo for the new season and that these two were fulltime cast members and became all kinds of excited. She quickly told them it was not the real photo, but that it was one that she thought was really fantastic.

Teresa is not nice to Rosie

When Rosie posted that photo, it did not take Teresa Giudice more than a few moments to post a photo that was of the real cast members for the new season, and she quickly told the world that any other photos they were seeing on social media were fake, photoshopped and for attention. Talk about calling out your family and not being very nice about them making jokes. She posted a caption on the real photo that reads, “So there’s no more confusion, this is the real CAST photo….”

One photo from Rosie made fans hate Teresa even more

When that photo was retweeted by Rosie, fans were upset with Teresa. When she was so quick to call them out, fans were very quick to say that prison obviously didn’t make Teresa any more mature, kind or nice to her family. They called her petty and mean, rude and awful. It turns out the photo actually came about when Siggy Flicker found it and retweeted it, and then Rosie retweeted it.

Fans love Rosie

We cannot deny how much the world loves Rosie Pierri. Fans of the show want to see her cast a fulltime member of the show. They want to see more of her. They think she should have a more prominent role on the show, that she should be featured as often as possible, and that she and her sister make better housewives than most people on the show already. We agree.

She’s good friends with other wives

Her own family might not want to spend any time with her anymore on the show, but the Laurita’s like Rosie just fine. She spends a lot of time with them and her sister and her sister’s family. She’s also close with her other cousin, Joe Gorga and his wife Melissa. They have no issue at all with their extended family and no one knows what Teresa’s issues are with her.

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