The 10 Worst Moments in the History of American Idol

american idol

It was 2002 when American Idol first debuted, bringing to our attention the fact that Paula Abdul might be a little bit crazy, making Simon Cowell famous with his mean nature and proving that the word “Dog” can be used in any sentence ever – but that it only makes sense coming from Randy Jackson. And it introduced the world to Ryan Seacrest, the current most famous and busiest man in the business. And it also brought to us a few people we know and love for their talent. American Idol brought to us Grammy winners such as Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. It brought us Oscar winners such as Jennifer Hudson. The show has been a huge success and it’s been in large part to the people that participate, the popularity of the competition and so many other factors. It’s a popular show that people love more than any, and it’s not coming back. Perhaps the saddest moment in American Idol history was the announcement this week that Idol will be back for a final season next January, and that’s it.

It’s not a big secret that the popularity of the show has been in a bit of a decline over recent years, but that does not change the fact that this is a sad announcement. Jennifer Lopez,  Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban will be back next season for the final season, and Ryan Seacrest will do this thing, too. And that will be the end of it. We anticipate a number of guest appearances, surprises and trips down memory lane as I’m sure many past winners and judges will make their way onset to bid the show farewell. With that said, we have a list of the worst moments in American Idol history to  pay our respects.

Bikini Girl

Remember when that one girl was so pouty and annoying and not talented that the judges put her through to Hollywood despite the fact that Kara DioGuardi was against it? And remember the mockery that was made of her when she showed up to perform in her bikini in what was the saddest moment in please pay attention to me television history?

Kara DioGuardi in a Bikini

To continue the above story, there was that one time that producers made DioGuardi show up in a bikini and show up bikini girl. While she looked amazing, better than young bikini girl at 38, it was humiliating and degrading for her, and it made us all uncomfortable in so many ways.

Randy Jackson Refusing to Leave

When everyone else called it a day and left the show, Jackson just kept on saying. Without much to actually say except the mention of working with Mariah Carey at least five times a season, every single season, he was just the odd man out at that point. And that’s not saying much considering he was the only original.

The Music Videos

We get that Ford wanted a plug, but the weekly videos were just a bit much. These kids are singing for cars that they’re so not going to drive for more than a second after they get their first really big paycheck and splurge on an Escalade or a Ferrari or something. And they were not good.

Paula Not Singing

When it was a first season medley of Paula Abdul music being sung on stage by contestants, the former singer got up on stage to boogie down with them. But when one contestant put the mic in Abdul’s face and encouraged her to sing, the shove and the panic on her face was priceless. She was not about to sing in front of people, and it just reminded them what they always thought; she’s a lip-singer.

The Surprise Engagement

It was the end of season 11 when two former guests were in the audience, Diana DeGarmo and Ace Young, they got engaged. While it might have been sweet, they were awkwardly called up on stage so that Young could hit a knee. Romantic, right? Wrong; he actually thanked the jeweler who gave him the ring before he actually even asked the question.

All Moments Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul Related

These two had a special bond that I think the producers really liked, but it was quite awkward and very strange in many ways. They were so argumentative and sometimes a little abusive, and there is the fact that he clearly could not stand her and she clearly thought they were friends.

When Ellen DeGeneres Flopped

We all thought she would make the best judge EVER, but she did not. It turns out that being honest and mean to untalented people was not her style, and she prefers to make fun of celebrities that are used to this kind of treatment. And that’s all right; we are down with that. We love her show regardless.

Most Auditions

So awkward when people would come to audition and they would be terrible and they would act as if their entire world was ending when they were not chosen to move on to Hollywood. And the thing is that they really, really thought they were something special, and they were not. And it makes us so uncomfortable to think that someone that loves these people would be so bad to lie to them in a way that would make them feel that their complete lack of talent was good enough to get them where they needed to go. And then their parents would become so angry and incensed, and the rest of us were left wondering if they were, in fact, actually deaf.

That Time Kelly Ripa Auditioned

Personally, I loved her audition for the judges. Her version of Proud Mary was spot on, and while she joked she could have gotten an audition in the first few rounds, we like to think that even trying to be awful she was a lot better than some of the kids that were shown in first episodes throughout the seasons.

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

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